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Conducting Customer Feedback Research with a Single Tool [CASE STUDY]

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Denver Food Group streamlines customer feedback research with SurveyGizmo.

Denver Food Group (DFG) helps clients build the most craveable products in the world while remaining affordable. By combining culinary and research experience, DFG is able to give greater direction to Marketing and Product Development teams in the Food and Beverage Industry. With over 80 years of combined experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Denver Food Group is an expert when it comes to all of your research, innovation, concept creation, or brand positioning needs.

Meet Denver Food Group

Denver Food Group is a consulting firm specializing in research, strategy, and menu development for the Food and Beverage industries. DFG primarily serves Food and Beverage companies in the Foodservice, Retail, and CPG verticals.

John Lewis is the founder and owner of Denver Food Group, and in his day-to-day role he functions as the organization’s “creative guy.” Lewis runs much of the communications with customers, and oversees the business’s proposals, research methodology, and project management. At the core of his role, Lewis is responsible for the company’s overarching strategy, as it is his duty to conceive and implement long-term goals for the business, and to develop approaches for achieving these goals.

Since its inception, DFG has provided customer feedback to its clients on products, branding, menu board designs, and all sorts of potential new concepts. But up until this year, the organization did not have a reliable tool to collect and uniquely report on this data. Instead, their approach was fragmented, and consisted of leveraging multiple expensive solutions to perform effective and thorough customer feedback research.

As a result of having many disparate feedback systems, DFG was unable to fully service all of its customers’ needs. Eventually, Lewis realized the need to address this problem head on when DFG brought on its biggest client to date, and they required an annual research project at a global scale.

Lewis knew that DFG’s existing survey software was overpriced, and quite frankly, not up to the task. The company needed a robust tool that would evolve with the business’s growing customer base.

The Need for a Single, Affordable Survey Solution

Prior to the adoption of SurveyGizmo, DFG had a disjointed approach to conducting and reporting on customer feedback surveys. One platform was being used to distribute their surveys with an associated fee, and another separate reporting and analysis platform was being used, which also had its own associated fees. On top of these costs, an additional programming cost was needed to have someone actually build the surveys being distributed.

The existing process and various systems were not only a financial burden, but they were also highly cumbersome.

“We needed to update and streamline our process with a single, advanced survey tool that came with intuitive tracking and an easy-to-use interface,” says Lewis “In addition, our new solution needed to come with the native ability to perform cross-tab reporting, which would allow us to customize reports depending on the particular business cases of our diverse customers.”

After realizing that a new software was imperative to DFG’s success as a business, Lewis began searching online for comprehensive survey software reviews. Over the next six months, Lewis evaluated the top survey solutions available in the market, and ultimately chose to implement SurveyGizmo into DFG’s core business strategy.

“SurveyGizmo enabled a much greater depth of question formats, which we loved. Also, the platform came with best-in-class yet intuitive logic capabilities, and advanced reporting functionalities. After taking SurveyGizmo for a test drive, the decision was a no brainer,” says Lewis.

“SurveyGizmo enabled a much greater depth of question formats, which we loved. Also, the platform came with best-in-class yet intuitive logic capabilities, and advanced reporting functionalities. After taking SurveyGizmo for a test drive, the decision was a no brainer.”

-John Lewis, Founder & CEO, The Denver Food Group

Better Customer Research at a Lower Cost

Today, Denver Food Group uses SurveyGizmo to collect and analyze online customer feedback for restaurant organizations, as well as for concept and product sorting, obtaining panels, and on-location reaction studies.

By switching from a set of a less intuitive, more expensive, and disjointed survey solutions to SurveyGizmo, DFG has had a much better experience while conducting customer feedback research. SurveyGizmo’s robust and complex, yet easy-to-use capabilities have allowed the organization to expand their product offerings —  and significantly grow their customer base.

Before implementing a new solution, Lewis and his team were able to distribute customer feedback surveys. But, with SurveyGizmo, DFG uses a single centralized tool which enables high cost savings and greater efficiency — freeing up time to conduct more meaningful research rather than designating endless efforts towards managing their systems.

By reallocating resources that were formerly used to conduct this research, DFG has expanded their business offerings to organizations looking to perform customer feedback studies at scale.

“SurveyGizmo is an extremely powerful and intuitive survey tool that comes at a cost that is comparable to other best-in-class options on the market. BUT…SurveyGizmo has much more advanced features than those other products, and their customer support simply cannot be beat.”

-John Lewis, Founder & CEO, The Denver Food Group

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Conducting Customer Feedback Research with a Single Tool (Case Study)

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