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What Do Customers Want? [Ebook]

Melissa French
2 min read

The question, “What do customers want?”, has been a challenging one to answer for customer experience professionals. Knowing what is going on in the minds of customers can sometimes feel impossible. That is, if you’re not backing up customer-first initiatives without conducting consistently sound research.

While there is no way you can know what customers want all of the time, building a customer experience strategy with research gives us another way to look at our target audiences, their expectations, and their ever-changing buying behaviors.  

The consumers of today are more interested in deeper, more meaningful experiences in their interactions than they are with the products and services they buy.

With so many solutions options for consumers to choose from, there needs to be a deeper hook — also known widely as emotional branding — for them be devout to your company, even if there is a product or service that is better than yours. This gets into some discussion around human psychology, how our brains work, and why we have different connections, memories, and experiences with some companies, products, or services than others.

What is that hook your company has that your customers can stand behind? Meeting and exceeding their expectations when it comes to experience is what it takes in today’s hyper competitive landscape to stand out amongst the crowd. And with more than one-third of businesses shifting their mindset and strategy toward a customer-centric approach, not studying and researching what that experience is like for your customers that make them return to you (or your competitors) time and again, you risk being left behind.

Experts weigh-in on how to approach CX and how it impacts business and revenue growth.

We asked three different experts with varying experience in developing, building, and managing CX programs to bring their insights to this conversation. Grab a copy of the free ebook to learn more about:

  • Developing a customer-first initiative in your organization
  • How to break down silos and uncover feedback nuggets
  • Calculating a return on an integrated and centralized CX program

What Do Customers Want? [eBook]

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