European Union’s new Cookie Law and What it Means

Christian Vanek
2 min read

This morning while reading the news on the BBC website I came across a very interesting article about a new law coming into effect for the EU about cookie usage and tracking (

In an effort to protect the privacy of their citizens using the internet the EU has now passed a law that will take effect on the 25th of May that requires websites that use cookies for usage tracking to communicate the intent of use and request a confirmation before storing the cookie locally.

The good news is that it should not effect your surveys. With the exception of javascript embedded surveys, SurveyGizmo does not use any cookies to maintain state, nor do they use cookies to track usage for advertising. EU companies using SurveyGizmo for their surveys should be compliant with this law (at least in so far as their surveys are concerned).

I personally do not think this law is enforceable, wise or of any use in protecting the privacy of anyone. In fact, complying websites may become so burdensome and frustrating to use we’ll simply avoid them like the plague.

That said, regardless of what we may think of the law as marketing, research and technology professionals it’s simply going to be a fact of doing business in the EU — and we have a large number of EU customers already (and we’re branching out into Europe).

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