Using Facebook to Get Targeted Survey Respondents

Brittany Heidtke
3 min read

Have you ever tried to run a survey where you needed a survey respondent population of 50, 18 year old, females, that lived in the Chicago area that happened to like soccer?

As long as you don’t mind paying a couple of dollars and waiting a little while, this can easily be done using Facebook advertising. (Who would have thought Facebook could help you get targeted respondents?)

Finding the Right Survey Respondents on Facebook

First what you’ll want to do is head over to the Facebook Advertising page. Then just fill out the information they require.

If you have your survey embedded on a page in your site, you’ll want to use that as your destination URL, otherwise, just use the link from the publish tab as the destination URL.

Write your ad in order to get survey respondents to want to take your survey. If you’re offering some type of benefit to them for taking the survey, be sure to mention that. (That will most likely get you more responses in a shorter amount of time — win!) But remember that you’re paying per click on your ad, and not on completed response, so make sure your ad is clear in what you’re trying to get your respondents to do.

Next scroll down and decide the type of survey respondents you want your ad shown to. In this example I picked that I only wanted 18 year old females that lived within 10 miles of Chicago, IL and that they liked soccer.

If you look over on the right hand side, you’ll see approximately how many people these qualifications target.

Once you’ve selected these, your ad will only be shown to this select group of people and no others

Next are the payment options. Facebook will “pre-select” an amount that they think a click on your ad is worth. You’ll definitely want to change that.

If you see, right now they’ve selected $.88 as my default click rate. What that means is that every time someone clicks on my ad, I could potentially pay $.88.

I suggest starting lower than that and if you’re not seeing enough traffic, you can gradually increase what you want to pay per click. Also, it’s important to note that you can set a daily budget.

You’ll want to figure out how much money you want to spend to get responses and keep an eye on how much is being spent every day.

That’s about it! Now you just have to wait for your responses to come in!

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