SurveyGizmo Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies

Brittany Heidtke
1 min read

Every year the Boulder County Business Report names the top 100 fastest growing companies to their Mercury 100 list. We are proud to announce that on Thursday, May 28th, SurveyGizmo was named the 5th fastest growing company in Boulder and Broomfield counties. The Mercury 100 list is compiled by ranking companies in Boulder and Broomfield counties by their percentage of revenue growth over the previous year.

This year we finally qualified (you need to be around for at least 2 years, before they let you apply– otherwise we probably would have stolen the show last year with our 1600% growth rate, but what can you do). We experienced a 435% growth rate this year, which we are very very proud of and couldn’t have accomplished with out you.

Since we owe our success to all of you, we would like to extend a special “Mercury 100” discount for the month of June.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the discount!

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