Fuel Cycle and SurveyGizmo Announce Partnership: Increasing Insights Efficiency

Rick Kelly
3 min read

The following post was written by Rick Kelly, Vice President of Products at Fuel Cycle.

Fuel Cycle is excited to publicly announce an addition to our ever-growing number of integrations – SurveyGizmo, a leader in enterprise-grade survey software and data collection. This new partnership gives our customers increased choice in the tools they use to collect real-time, actionable data on Fuel Cycle. Below you’ll find the rationale for the integration, how to access SurveyGizmo, and how to successfully migrate from other survey platforms to SurveyGizmo.

Increase Research Efficiency

The SurveyGizmo integration began because of Fuel Cycle’s desire to help customers increase the efficiency with which they can collect insights. We heard that many enterprises we work with in diverse industries – from media to healthcare – were already using SurveyGizmo and were highly satisfied with the platform’s performance, efficiency and perhaps most importantly – unlimited survey completes. Unlimited survey completes means that no matter how many surveys are completed or run on SurveyGizmo , the cost structure is highly predictable. In an era where feeding continuous research back into the organization is becoming commonplace, the scalability that SurveyGizmo provides to Fuel Cycle’s customers is incredibly valuable.


Launch SurveyGizmo from Fuel Cycle

Like other deep connections on the Fuel Cycle platform, users are able to quickly build and launch surveys on SurveyGizmo from their community. Our native API integration gives brands centralized access to the data from their online customer communities, data analytics and user-friendly data collection from Fuel Cycle. Adding SurveyGizmo to your Fuel Cycle account is a quick process completed after a conversation with your Client Success Manager.


Easily Migrate Between Survey Platforms

Fuel Cycle supports multiple survey platforms and will continue to do so. In August of this year, we released Profile Maps, an incredible progressive profiling tool only available on Fuel Cycle that allows users to unify data from multiple sources. For instance, you may have asked some community members a question about their shopping preferences in another survey platform, stored some member’s shopping preferences in your company’s CRM platform, and then asked the same shopping preferences question of other members in SurveyGizmo. With Profile Maps, you’re able to use our drag-and-drop profile builder to unify all three of these sources into a single source of truth hosted in Fuel Cycle. This ensures migration between survey platforms is frictionless and easy to do. Many Fuel Cycle customers have successfully switched survey providers or use multiple survey platforms side-by-side as a result of Profile Maps!



Empowering Insights by Extending our Platform

Fuel Cycle is committed to being a centralized hub for market research and customer experience tools our customers regularly use. This means that the number of integrations, partnerships and tools available on Fuel Cycle will continue to increase rapidly. We have no plans to deprecate any existing integrations with other survey platforms; in fact, we will continue to optimize for more choices inside our community platform. If you’d like to learn more about the Fuel Cycle-SurveyGizmo integration or would like help deciding which survey platform best suits your needs on Fuel Cycle, please feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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