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The Future of Performance Reviews is 360

Michelle Del Santo
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A 360 Review is a feedback tool that is designed to collect and share feedback from the full circle of people that they interact with at work.

This style of review is different from a traditional performance review in several important ways.


To share her knowledge of 360s, we asked Michelle Del Santo, SurveyGizmo’s director of operations, to share the facts  and why, after more than two decades of human resources experience, she believes 360s are destined to replace performance reviews once and for all.


What Are Some of the Benefits of 360 Reviews?

Traditional performance reviews are one person’s perception on your performance at work. 360 Reviews are different. They are a lot more helpful because they provide feedback from everyone you work with, so there are many different angles.


Who Should be Involved in the 360 Review Process?

Generally, you include a group of people the employee works with, but not necessarily on the same team. Think more broadly. Of course, include supervisors, people who do similar work within the company, people who report to the person being reviewed, and those people who they work with on specific projects. The idea is to collect a wide range of input from a wide range of people.


How Often Should You Run 360 Reviews?

The short answer is regularly, but not too often. We recommend once or twice a year, but no more than twice in a single calendar year. Because of the depth of feedback that employees can receive from a 360 review, you want to give each person time to actually act on the feedback and incorporate it into their routine and growth. Sometimes, 360s can include a lot of information, and you do not want to overwhelm your employees. What do you do with the data once it’s collected? First of all, you want to make sure that there is a good administrator of the 360, and that this person sees all of the feedback, but does not share every single word with the person that’s being reviewed. This is important. While one of the most powerful aspects of a 360 review system is the ability to collect input from many people, however, this comes with drawbacks. People may not be quite so delicate about feedback and if they are not trained to give feedback in a way that is constructive, some input can be more hurtful than helpful. You want to filter each employee’s results to ensure that the data is helpful to the employee. Think about really actionable feedback. You collect the data, you see what is actionable, and you share that with the employee so they can put the input into action. This way, your employees will really be able to grow.


Why Should My Organization Use 360 Reviews?

Employee growth is a major reason why more and more companies are foregoing traditional performance reviews and transitioning to 360s. With the in-depth feedback collected by a 360, employees will be able to gain deeper perspective to how they can truly grow That’s what the 360 process is really about: providing your employees with feedback they can use to grow and improve as individuals inside and outside of the office. This goes far above and beyond what traditional performance reviews can do. If you really value your employees and value giving them feedback they can really do something about, then 360s is a great tool.


Ready to Start 360s Reviews in Your Business?

SurveyGizmo’s powerful 360 Review Package makes sending review surveys, collecting feedback, and sharing that feedback with your employees faster and easier than ever. In addition, the package includes a library of industry validated questions and years of supporting data so that you and your employees get the most out of the review process.

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