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Hello, Gizmo! Surveys from a Newbie’s Perspective

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Hello, I’m Sam, and I’m a data addict!

I’m new to SurveyGizmo, and I’m excited to join the ongoing effort to make your life easier–at least the part which concerns surveys! In the past I’ve worked on a variety of web technologies: from a location-based web and mobile application, to a music-focused social network, and currently, survey software at SurveyGizmo. Unofficially, I blog, microblog, and obsess over social media and the novel ways it connects us online.

Though these technologies may seem unrelated, the commonality is that they concern themselves with organizing data in new and exciting ways. I have a great love and respect for data, and the urgent need for more and better information, especially when it concerns making sense of the desires of your users. Since meeting the needs of your users is mutually satisfying, we at SurveyGizmo aim to give you advanced tools to gather the information you want, and then provide killer support to make your experience outstanding.

But before satisfaction, usually comes effort. So, just how easy was it to set up my first SurveyGizmo survey?

I started by clicking the friendly orange Free Trial button on the SurveyGizmo home page. On the next page, I chose the Personal plan since I am a blogger, one of the types of users suggested for that account option. Though, I noticed also that I could have a 14 Day Free Trial for any account type, so whether it’s Personal, Pro or Enterprise, I could access all of the features for a thorough test-drive. Additionally, I didn’t have to provide a credit card to start my survey software experience, which meant no digging through my purse before I even got to do anything, and no fear of getting charged after 14 days.

Next, I completed my registration and signed into my dashboard, and clicked Create Survey to do just that. As a test, I created some questions related to the inane internet silliness that my blog readers are used to. I briefly explored the helpful survey templates that are available on the new survey screen, and then chose to create my own, with the default look and feel. For the next few moments, I thought of some questions, added them, saved, and then published my first survey! I then chose the iFrame method to embed it into my site, and ten minutes later, my first survey was in the wild.

Finally, I tweeted the survey, and got a few people to take it. The best part was watching the results come in, real-time. As I watched the responses from the survey summary area, my craving for data was gratified! So, as one of the newest members of the SurveyGizmo team, I am proud to be part of a company that is obsessed with your ongoing satisfaction. I hope to help make your experience with our survey software as fulfilling as possible. Let us know what we can do for you today!

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