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Ebook: How 360 Reviews Foster New Business Skills & Growth

Melissa French
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A new guide to help unfold the value of professional feedback from a comprehensive review, and how it helps your employees stick around longer is now available.

A few years ago, CEO Christian Vanek sat down and wrote one of the best-performing blog posts in SurveyGizmo history – and it’s still getting all the spotlight.

SurveyGizmo's ebook: The 360 Review Process

What’s all the hype you ask? Well, we think the 360 review process is highly underrated, and as such, there is very limited info out there to help dissect the value it can bring to one’s career — well, when done correctly.

And that very blog post helps you do just that – learn how to administer effective 360 reviews. But we took it a step further and published the blog post as a more robust guide dubbed The 360 Review Process

“The wide-range of perspectives an employee receives from a 360 review allows them to gain a more holistic understanding of how their conduct and performance effects the organization and people they work with every day,” says Rich Boberg, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, PHRca, Director of People and Culture at SurveyGizmo. “This type of underutilized review process helps the employee improve the skills they need take the next step in developing professionally and grow in a more meaningful and impactful way.”

 Inside the ebook, you will learn:

  • What a 360 review is
  • How combined perspectives can elicit more insightful reviews
  • How you can use all feedback effectively
  • What 360 reviews can and can’t do  

Let’s be honest: no one, especially HR executives and employees alike enjoy administering or going through any type of review. As humans, we aren’t that into face-to-face confrontation and more often than not, as it turns out, we really don’t like it when folks at work (our bosses and co-workers, especially) say negative things about us. And rightfully so, it can go really badly.

This is commonly felt because the process is either broken, not enforced, executed poorly or not at all. And that’s sad to us because statistics tell a totally different story. For example, when looking at the incoming job force, which is mostly comprised of millennials or the generation born between 1980-2000, they like feedback and want more of it. In fact, 60 percent of them want feedback weekly, some even daily, according to PwC.  

360 Reviews Go Above and Beyond

Many, if not all of us, have sat through an annual performance review with a supervisor. They’re pretty straight-forward with a laundry list of items that you meet or you don’t. You hopefully walk away with some useful action items that your boss wants you to work on or continue doing, but it doesn’t get much more exciting than that. We’re still being honest here, right?

There is no right or wrong feedback. It’s input that provides a new perspective.” – Christian Vanek, CEO and Co-Founder, SurveyGizmo

What 360 reviews can do is provide a dynamic view into not only job performance, but give feedback that can help develop new business skills and foster an employee’s personal growth. This dimensional approach can go a long way and mean much more to employees than what is offered at face value. It sends a strong underlying message to the employee that they are valued and the business is investing in them. It doesn’t take a psychologist to translate that into higher employee retention and a healthy overall culture.

Lastly, it’s critical to remember that 360 reviews provide a combined perspective of a manager and several peers on an employee’s capabilities, including teamwork, communication, and management skills, as well as on leadership potential. Learn more about the process and how you can leverage a 360 review, get a copy of the ebook.

The 360 Review Process Ebook

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