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How Creating Results Breaks The Mold of Traditional Market Research

Ben Foley
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The Problem

  • As Creating Results repositioned from a real estate agency to a seniors-focused marketing firm, they needed to establish credibility as experts in this niche.
  • A tool was needed that would enable Creating Results to go beyond traditional market research methodologies.

The Results

  • Creating Results’ Social, Silver Surfers survey reveals the truth about seniors’ relationship with modern tech, and has been distributed to thousands of people.
  • The data collected has established Creating Results as a reliable leader in their niche, and has been leveraged in eBooks, speaking engagements, bylined articles, viral social media content, and international news media coverage.

Meet Creating Results

Many marketers believe that Baby Boomers and seniors are simply not comfortable with the ins and outs of modern day technologies. While it’s true that Millennials (those born in the 1980s-mid 1990s) grew up using the internet, the web was pioneered by their parents’ generation.

Many older adults are as proficient with tech as younger adults. However, it’s also true that the changes that occur while aging mean that marketers will be more effective if they recognize that one-size messaging will not fit all.

There is a lot of intimidating groundwork to be done in terms of determining the best ways to approach these different age segments so that a business’ messages are received, related to, and ultimately drive people to action. That’s where Creating Results comes in.

Creating Results is a boutique marketing agency specializing in helping clients target consumers over the age of 40 through strategic implementations of branding, marketing, digital media, public relations, advertising, and sales.

“A solid amount of our team’s effort is put into simply reframing perspectives on biases in regard to how this older generation of folks interacts with technology,” says Erin Read, Director of Strategic Planning. “Far too often, marketers will base decisions off a statement like, ‘Well, my 95-year-old grandmother can’t use her flip phone very well, so everyone in her age group must have the same level of skill when it comes to technology.’”

These generalizations result in lackluster marketing strategies. At Creating Results, the team positions itself to provide top notch marketing services to clients by first performing thorough market research. Instead of basing strategies and tactics off of anecdotal evidence, Read is responsible for providing her team with data that gives a truly detailed and intricate, 360-degree perspective on the people that their clients are trying to motivate to take action.

Creating Results provides marketing services to clients in the following industries:

  • Travel
  • Senior Living
  • 55-Plus (“Active Adult”) Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services

The Search for The Right Solution

With SurveyGizmo, Creating Results is able to go beyond the cookie cutter marketing tactics used by most of our competitors in our industry. We’re able to take on extremely diverse client cases with a tailored approach every time, and that helps us to be systematic in collecting and working with data to inform our decisions.

-Erin Read, Director of Strategic Planning, Creating Results

Creating Results’ original niche was as a real estate marketing agency. Roughly ten years ago, the founders of the business evaluated how the firm should grow, and decided to pivot to focus entirely on marketing to people over the age of 40.

To successfully pursue this repositioning to a Baby Boomers and seniors-focused marketing group, Creating Results needed to establish their credibility as experts in this niche.

To establish that credibility, Creating Results knew that proprietary research would be essential. The team required a data collection and insights platform that would allow them to not only collect deeply nuanced information about their target audiences, but also customize reports so that they could tailor the presentation of their findings to the needs of their various clients. Furthermore, the tool needed to be so easy to use that it could serve as a foundational cornerstone of their marketing strategy, as it would be used to constantly conduct studies and share findings to develop thought leadership content.

After evaluating several tools on the market, Read chose SurveyGizmo to fulfill the needs of the Creating Results team. Her decision was based on several components:

Flexibility in building surveys.

SurveyGizmo’s piping feature allows surveys to be more efficient and time conservative. Respondents are only presented with questions that directly apply to them, meaning that survey fatigue is greatly reduced and the highest quality data possible is collected.

Flexibility in segmenting and visualizing the data collected.

By being able to easily handle the data that has been collected, Read and her team are able to segment data to represent different groups of people within their niche of citizens over the age of 40. SurveyGizmo’s intuitive reporting features have allowed them to communicate this data to any relative parties with ease.

Flexibility in data collection methods.

While some older adults are quite tech-savvy, some have less comfort or access. SurveyGizmo allows the Creating Results team to seamlessly collect data via paper surveys, tablets, and online methods.

Creating Results’ Breakthrough – The Social, Silver Surfers Survey

Once the appropriate tool had been identified, Read and her team got to work developing a survey that would enable Creating Results to boost their program effectiveness and spread the awareness of the agency. She titled the survey “Social, Silver Surfers.


About The Social, Silver Surfers Survey:

  • Respondents:
    • The survey is routinely distributed to more than 1,000 recipients.
    • All respondents of the survey are over the age of 40.
    • All respondents use the internet in their day-to-day lives.
  • Topics Covered:
    • Preferences for what respondents enjoy and dislike when it comes to website design.
    • How respondents use websites when making purchasing decisions.
    • Social media marketing preferences – do respondents want to be in touch with brands on social media?
  • Means of Distribution:
    • Face-to-face in-person intercept studies, where respondents on the street fill out their responses on paper or iPads.
    • Online surveys promoted via email, social media and partner websites.

The Social, Silver Surfers survey gained traction in the market research community instantly, and eight years later it is still routinely distributed to respondents today. Due to its concise insight into how people over the age of 40 interact with technology, Social, Silver Surfers has in turn validated Creating Results’ credibility as a marketing agency, allowing them to grow their client base alongside their industry clout.

Since the start of distribution in 2009, the data yielded from Social, Silver Surfers has been leveraged to produce:

  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Countless speaking engagements
  • Bylined articles and blog posts by members of the Creating Results team
  • International news media coverage
  • Viral social media content

“Our investment in SurveyGizmo has easily paid for itself, and then some,” says Read. “We get service beyond what we pay for. We get a system that we can count on, and therefore our clients can count on us. We get a flexibility that saves us time and improves our outcome. All of these are extremely valuable for a small team that is trying to accomplish big things.”

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