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How Do You Collect Product Feedback?

Melissa French
1 min read


We’ve talked a lot about the various ways product management professionals are collecting feedback, from the traditional feedback survey to new tactics like Twitter and Slack channels. But truth be told, we know there are tons of ways in which the insights are gathered.

We’d love to learn from you, our beloved readers, on the different ways in which you collect product feedback, and what you do with it all from a product and organizational perspective.

True to our nature, we’ve built this short survey. If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d love to hear from you.  

We will leave the survey open for one week. The data collected will be featured right here in our blog and used to provide other professionals with inspiration to collect feedback in perhaps a totally new way they haven’t yet leveraged.

Feel free to send this post to your colleagues. As we always say, the more the data, the better!

Be on the lookout for the follow-up blog post that will feature the data collected from this short survey.

How Do You Collect Product Feedback? [Survey]


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