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[INFOGRAPHIC] 2017 NPS Leaders by Industry

Ben Foley
2 min read

The following post is part of a series that will help inform readers of the power that a company’s Net Promoter Score has on its long-term business goals. The previous posts in the series can be accessed via the following links:

  1. The Top 5 Challenges That Hold Companies Back from Leveraging NPS Data to Develop and Improve Products
  2. Using Net Promoter Scores to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  3. The Higher The NPS, The Larger The Market Share
  4. What’s The Secret to NPS Success? Time.

Does your company currently use Net Promoter Scores to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty? If not, you’re missing out on a simple, easy to obtain metric that provides unprecedented insight into how your brand is performing from a word-of-mouth perspective.

Check out our latest infographic, 2017 NPS Leaders by Industry, for a high level overview of NPS, and to see which companies are leading the pack. The infographic can be found below.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

We’d love to learn more about how our readers are using NPS. Please take a brief moment to fill out the survey below! You can choose to keep your responses anonymous, or if you’d like to be called out by name for your creativity and use of NPS, please complete the contact form.

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