Building a Poll Integration with SurveyGizmo’s API

Mario Lurig
1 min read

Sometimes employees do things creative and amazing in their normal roles, and sometimes they go above and beyond and do amazing things with their free time! Ryan Hadley, our System Administrator, has been the king of Minecraft, a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. He decided to put his evil powers to use and build a poll within Minecraft!

Of course, besides building a poll, he decided to use the powerful SurveyGizmo Survey API to ensure that when you vote within Minecraft, it actually stores the vote in your SurveyGizmo poll! I know, crazy right? As a reminder, Minecraft is the brain-child of a single programmer: a passionate, forward thinking individual who builds an incredibly powerful piece of online software and makes it available at a great price. Sound like any company you may know? We not only respect the power of Minecraft, but the ingenuity of Ryan to build this integration. Below is the video showing the functionality. Enjoy!

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