New Feature: Find & Replace

Mario Lurig
2 min read

SurveyGizmo is happy to announce a brand new feature: Find and Replace! You’ll find the option under Edit Survey > Find & Replace for our Pro, Team, and Dedicated customers. So what does this new feature do? Okay, that question is too easy. How about, So how does this new feature work?

Entering in your search criteria, the tool will search through Page Titles, Question Titles, and Option Titles for your search phrase. The default behaviour is to ignore the CaSe of the word you are searching for, as well as ignore any HTML code in the search. You can search for as little or as much as you like. For instance, if searching for ‘th’ you will find ‘the’, ‘clothes’, ‘width’, etc. You can then check off the titles you wish to change, provide the text to replace your search criteria with (or leave it blank to remove the search criteria), and click Change Selected to do the find and replace!


There’s even an additional feature in the section on the right: ‘Other Search Helpers’. The feature Find HTML will search your entire survey for any HTML code, then give you the option to Remove HTML completely from the titles you select. It’s a great way to strip out the extraneous text that can be copied into a question title when you copy and paste from Microsoft Word. Expect some more Search Helpers in the future!


Copying and changing surveys has never been easier, nor has correcting common typos (‘hte’ instead of ‘the’ is my personal crutch). So get out there, find some text, replace it even, and let us know what you think! SurveyGizmo, always getting better!

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