New Feature: Website Intercept Surveys

Brittany Heidtke
2 min read

Have you had a chance to use our latest and greatest feature, intercept surveys, yet?

Intercept surveys has to be one of the most unique and helpful features we’ve added in a long time!

It actually allows you to ask questions directly to your website visitors quickly and easily by giving you the ability to post surveys to your website through the SurveyGizmo interface, without any help from the IT department (besides some quick initial setup)!

 And the best part about it is that your surveys are posted as either sticky bands across the top or bottom of your website or as a pop-up directly to visitors, so you’ll be sure to get answers from your actual website visitors.


Another great part about intercept surveys is that you can easily change and rotate what surveys and questions you’re showing on your own website through the SurveyGizmo interface.

You also have the ability to only show certain questions and surveys to specific visitors based upon browser type, Google Analytics Event, number of visits, number of pages visited, page and/or site time, document click, cookies, custom data, and browser device.


So that means you could pop-up a survey to someone who was on a checkout page for longer than 30 seconds to try and see what they found confusing.

Or you could pop-up a survey to someone who has visited your site 10 times and had not completed a purchase and get feedback as to why and give them a special coupon at the end of your survey to complete a purchase.

The sky is the limit with intercept surveys and how you want to use them.

And as always, we would love to hear about how you’re using intercept surveys on your site!

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