New Question Type Added: CAPTCHA

Brittany Heidtke
2 min read

After many requests, we have now added one of the coolest CAPTCHA question types out there. A CAPTCHA is an image that is displayed that requires the participant to enter the letters they see in the image in order to continue to the next page of the survey.

We’re using a service called reCAPTCHA, and the best part about it is how it actually works. It not only works as a normal CAPTCHA (safeguarding against computer bots SPAMMING your survey), but it also gives back to the community.

You might ask, “How does something like a CAPTCHA question type give back to the community?” Well, the way it works is it gives the person filling out the CAPTCHA two words to type in.

One of the words has already been verified by the CAPTCHA and the CAPTCHA knows how to spell it correctly. Since it can verify the one word, if a bot were to try and type something in, it would know to kick that bot out.

The other word is from a page within a book that needs to be digitized, but a digital scanner is having a hard time understanding the handwriting and therefore can not turn it into a digital word. So the person filling out the CAPTCHA is actually helping create digitized versions of older books, so we can have them for many years to come. How cool is that?!?!

You can find out more about how the reCAPTCHA works here.

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