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Using SurveyGizmo To Collect Newsletter Contacts

Brittany Heidtke
3 min read

As I mentioned last week, yesterday I attended MarketingSherpa’s Best Practices in Email Marketing Workshop. A full day of learning about email marketing was a bit exhausting, but I did learn quite a few new things from the workshop.

We spent a lot of time going over optimizing landing pages and the forms you use to collect potential customers’ email addresses and contact information and I thought since we’re all about the forms here at SurveyGizmo, I’d dig a little deeper into that.

Creating a contact form to collect email addresses is super simple using SurveyGizmo. All you need to do is click the “Create A Form” button, add your questions and you’re all set. But how many form fields (or questions) should you ask to get the best response rate?

The rule of thumb, when it comes to form fields is that the more you have, the more likely people will stop filling your form out. At the workshop, we learned that 5 – 7 fields was the ideal number to shoot for. But remember – Less is more when it comes to form fields, so if you can get it down to 3 fields, you’ll have a higher response rate.

Once you’ve decided which fields you’re going to insert into your form, you’ll want some way of getting the form into your site so that you can start growing your email list! That’s where SurveyGizmo makes it super easy for you. Just head over to your publish tab (so you can launch your form) and after you launch it, you should see three different embed buttons.

We suggest using the JavaScript embed option, because the form will dynamically change size depending on the amount of questions on your page, but really any of the options will work. You’ll want to select your favorite embed method and then copy and paste it into the page on your website where you want to collect email addresses.

Note from the workshop — you’ll want to fight to get this form above the fold and on as many pages on your website as possible.

Once you have it all embedded, you’re ready to go! Just save it to your website and start expanding your newsletter list!


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