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Get Survey Responses Even Faster Using Online Survey Panels

Brittany Heidtke
3 min read

Have you ever had the ideal survey taker in mind, but didn’t now how to get your survey in front of them?

Well, there is actually and entire industry dedicated to helping you with this problem. They are called survey panel companies, and they are there to help you get your target audience to take your survey. You may have seen us mention them before, but today, we want to really dig into what they are and how easy it is to integrate an online survey panel into your SurveyGizmo survey.

So, what exactly is an online survey panel company?

An online survey panel company recruits a variety of people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world, that they pay a certain fee to take surveys, just like yours.

They take demographic information from this group of potential survey takers like gender, occupation, residence, education, age, income range, etc, so that when you decide you need 100 females between the ages of 20-35 to take your survey, they can easily give them to you.

In return for taking your survey, the survey takers are paid a small monetary fee from the panel company for their time. (This also means that you will have to pay the online survey panel company a small monetary fee in order to use their services.)

An online survey panel company is designed to give you the survey takers you need as soon as you need them.

That sounds great, but who are they and how do I use them with my SurveyGizmo survey?

There are actually thousands of online survey panel companies that you can choose from. They all specialize in different types of survey takers with different backgrounds as well as price range, so if you have a specific target of survey takers in mind, you’ll want to shop around to find the best price for your target.

SurveyGizmo will also do the work of identifying, negotiating with, and coordinating with panel companies for you. We have several companies that we have worked with in the past, and our dedicated panel specialists will help you every step of the way. Find out more.

SurveyGizmo is constantly refining our process to make this even easier than before with our new quota management capabilities. You can now tell SurveyGizmo how many and the type of responses you want, and once you hit those limits, your survey will no longer collect responses, thus you will not need to pay extra fees for responses you do not need.

To learn how to use these new quota management capabilities, you’ll want to check them out in our new survey quota tutorial.

Now that you know who they are and what they do, there’s nothing stopping you from using an online survey panel company to get the responses you need for your survey!

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