Outside the Checkbox Vol. 3: New Visitor Check-In Kiosks

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Welcome to this week’s installment of our Outside the Checkbox series! Each week we share creative, real-world examples of how people use SurveyGizmo to simplify their lives. In addition, we provide actionable instructions to help you incorporate these use cases into your own life.

How do you know when a guest arrives at your office to visit you? Do you have a receptionist that greets each visitor and manually calls and/or e-mails you? Or do you awkwardly wait in your office lobby until your expected visitor arrives? SurveyGizmo has a solution to make this process simple, automated, and hassle-free.

At SurveyGizmo, we used our own software to create a new visitor check-in kiosk in our office lobby. All visitors to our office are greeted by a tablet kiosk that asks them to “sign in.” The kiosk prompts the visitor for some basic information such as his or her name, and the employee that he or she is visiting that day. Once an employee’s name is selected and the check-in process is complete, the employee being visited receives a notification via email that their visitor has arrived and is waiting for them in the lobby.

This has made the life of our beloved Office Manager so much easier, as she no longer has to hunt employees down when someone comes to visit them.

Below is a step-by-step guide for creating your own New Visitor Check-In Kiosk.

(*NOTE: You will need a Standard license or above to implement this)

How to Create a New Visitor Check-In Survey

Step #1: Create a Survey

To start building a New Visitor Check-In Form, select Create a Survey from within your SurveyGizmo account. Title your survey accordingly, and select Start Building.

Step #2: Add Questions to Your Survey

From there, you’ll need to add questions to your survey. From the Add New menu on the screen, select Question.

There is flexibility to collect all sorts of information about your visitors. But you’re definitely going to want to know the purpose of their visit, who they’re visiting, and some general information about the visitor. We suggest making those questions mandatory.

Step #3: Set Up Email Alerts

Next, using an email action you can set up notification emails to be sent out throughout the organization.

The key is to set up a question that asks “Who are you here to see?” For the answer options, you can add each employee’s name as the answer option and then, behind the scenes in a reporting value, store the employee’s email address.

Now you can use this email address to dynamically populate the recipient of your email action. To do so, click the Add New Action link on the Thank You page of the survey and select Send Email.

Customize the Subject and From Name. Under the To field select the Survey Taker link. This will allow you to select the question that contains the email recipient; this is the employee the visitor is in the office to see. Selecting the “Who are you here to see?” question will populate the field dynamically with the email address that corresponds to the employee the visitor selected when filling out the survey!

After you have your Subject, From Name and To address customized you’re ready to customize the body of the message that will be sent to the employee notifying them that they have a visitor. You can leverage merge codes here again to dynamically include information about the visitor in the body of the message.

Step #4: Customize Your Thank You Page

You’ll want to customize the Thank You page so that, upon completing your survey, visitors will know what to do next.

Next, we explain how to launch your survey in Kiosk Mode.

How To Launch Your Survey in Kiosk Mode

Step #1: Share Your Survey in Kiosk Mode

First, under Email Campaigns and Source Tracking, go to the Share tab and select Launch in Kiosk Mode.

Step #2: Set Your Time Limit Before Your Kiosk Resets

You can customize the length of time that passes before re-starting the kiosk if no one interacts with the survey (1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes).

Step #3: Set Your Time Limit for Your Thank You Page

You can also customize the length of time that the survey’s Thank You page will be displayed upon completing the survey (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 seconds).

Step #4: Push Your Kiosk Live!

Select Launch Survey Kiosk, and you will be automatically logged out of the application and taken into the survey to collect your first response.

Stay tuned for future installments of our Outside the Checkbox series in the weeks to come!

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Do you have a creative or interesting way that you use SurveyGizmo? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at

Outside the Checkbox Vol. 2: Event Registration and Payment Collection

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