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Outside the Checkbox Vol. 4: Streamlining Organization-Wide Requests

Ben Foley
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Welcome to this week’s installment of our Outside the Checkbox series! Each week we share creative, real-world examples of how people use SurveyGizmo to simplify their lives. In addition, we provide actionable instructions to help you incorporate these use cases into your own life.

When you need office supplies or a piece of marketing collateral, how do you submit that request? Who receives the request, and what does their process look like to ensure you get what you need?

Chances are there’s potential to make your process for handling organization-wide requests more efficient. SurveyGizmo and Trello can easily be leveraged to streamline the process of submitting and managing requests across all departments in your company.

Once SurveyGizmo is implemented, requests will be directed to to the appropriate recipient who will then be able to fulfill that request.

Below is a step-by-step guide for streamlining organization-wide requests using SurveyGizmo.

How to Streamline Organization-Wide Requests with SurveyGizmo

Step #1: Sign Up for Zapier

Signing up for a free Zapier account is straightforward and only takes a minute or two. Plus, Zapier offers a 14-day trial so you can test their services with no commitment necessary.

Step #2: Make a ‘Zap’

A ‘Zap’ is Zapier’s term for a trigger plus an action. On the Choose a Trigger App screen, search for and select SurveyGizmo. A New Survey Response will be the trigger, and whatever application you choose will have actions that can be triggered.


Step #3: Connect a New Account

Click Connect a New Account. Then provide your SurveyGizmo API Key and API Secret Key. If you’re not sure where to find these, check out our API Authentication Tutorial.

Click Save + Continue.

Step #4: Select The Survey You Wish to Pull New Responses From

Select the survey you wish to pull new responses from in the first dropdown menu. In the Only Complete Responses dropdown menu, select either Yes or No. Then click Continue.

Here you’ll want to select the specific survey used by your organization to submit requests.



Step #5: Test Your SurveyGizmo Trigger

Now you’re ready to test your SurveyGizmo trigger. Once you receive confirmation that your test is successful, click Continue.


Step #6: Set Up Your Desired Action

You’re now ready to set up your desired action. For this example, we will be adding tasks to a “To Do List” in Trello. The tasks will be added as cards in Trello, which then will serve as a central location from which all organization-wide requests can be handled.

Step #7: Choose an Action App

After testing SurveyGizmo, you will be prompted to Choose an Action App. If you have already connected to Trello, select it from the Your Apps list, otherwise type “Trello” into the search field to locate it.

Step #8: Select Your Trello Action

Next, you’ll need to Select Trello Action. There are several options available; we will choose Create Card before clicking Save + Continue in the bottom right.


Step #9: Select Your Trello Account

You will now be asked to Select Trello Account. If you have previously connected your Trello account to Zapier, you should see it here. If you have yet to connect your Trello account, click Connect an Account (you will need your Trello username and password).


Step #10: Select a Trello Board and List

Select a Trello Board and List (these will be pulled from your connected Trello account) and input a Title value (this will be the title of the card that is created in Trello, e.g. “New Task”).


Step #11: Merge Survey Data into a Trello Field

You can merge data directly from your survey questions into compatible Trello fields. To merge survey data into a Trello field, click the plus icon (+) found to the right of a compatible field. Next, click on one of your survey questions to pull its data into the field.


Step #12: Review Your Zap

Once you have customized all the content that you need, click Continue. You will now see a summary of your Zap. Make sure to review what you have set up before clicking Create & Continue. your Zap will be tested and you can review the results on the next page.

Step #13: Finalize Your Zap!

Click Finish to finalize your Zap! Give your Zap a title and turn it on!

You now have a centralized location from which you can manage all organization-wide requests.

Stay tuned for future installments of our Outside the Checkbox series in the weeks to come!

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Do you have a creative or interesting way that you use SurveyGizmo? We’d love to hear from you! Sound off in the comments below, or feel free to send a note to

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