Phone a Friend: Unveiling Phone Support for 2017

Liz Millikin
3 min read

Have you ever wished you could just pick up the phone and talk to a real person about a survey conundrum? Now you can.


With our robust, easy-to-use library of walkthroughs and thoughtfully written documentation, active community forums, and live chat support, there are plenty of ways to get the answers you need directly from the SurveyGizmo experts.

But we know as well as you do that sometimes the best way to solve a complex survey problem is with a phone call.

New for 2017, you are now able to add phone support to your account.

Yes, it’s true! From now on, SurveyGizmo accounts can subscribe (at an additional cost) to receive access to personalized phone support.

Phone support subscribers will be able to pick up the phone and speak directly to one of our experienced customer support heroes. We’ll be happy to talk you through whatever your survey challenges might be.

To keep this service as effective as possible, one user on each account will be the designated phone user. 

Keep in mind that phone support is available as an optional add on to single user accounts. For multi-user accounts, one phone user comes with all new accounts, but you can add more phone users to your account at any time. Multi-user accounts opened before now will have to subscribe to phone support service separately. To do so, please contact your account manager directly.



Call Us: 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

You have your own timeline to follow. Your projects can’t be held up waiting hours for your software’s customer support team to finally get into the office. That’s why we’re launching our phone support offering the way it should be: with 24 hour access any day of the week.

Finally, you’re free to keep working on your schedule, whatever time zone you happen to be in, whatever the hour, day or night. When you’re working, we’re working, too. 


How Does SurveyGizmo Phone Support Work?

To access this new phone support option, you simply need to sign up for the subscription. To do so, reach out to your account manager or contactSurveyGizmo support at


Do Multi-User SurveyGizmo Accounts Get Access to Phone Support?

Multi-user accounts will include one phone seat automatically, meaning one user will have designated access to phone support at a time. Additional phone seats can be added on to multi-user accounts for an additional fee.

To add additional phone seats, reach out to your account manager or speak to a sales specialist. They’ll add additional phone priveledges to your account in a snap.


How do Single User Accounts Unlock Phone Support?

Even teams of one deserve the best customer service experience possible. Single user accounts can purchase an annual subscription to our phone support system, allowing you to call us at any time.

Annual subscriptions are currently $2,000 per phone seat. To add phone support to your SurveyGizmo account, contact a sales specialist. They’ll be able to talk you through your options and add phone support to your account.


You Asked for It, We Delivered: 24/7 Survey Phone Support

Did we mention that phone support will be live 24/7? Yes, indeed. The best customer service team in the industry just got a whole lot easier to contact. We’re just a phone call away and we’re looking forward to speaking with you!

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