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Faster, Higher Quality Market Research with SurveyGizmo [CASE STUDY]

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Geodata Survey streamlines their international data collection and analysis workflows via SurveyGizmo.

Geodata Survey provides strategic solutions that add value to their clients through the integration and application of consulting and advisory services with a multidisciplinary team of professionals able to meet the needs and demands of the business and institutional environment on the road to excellence. Their team’s work is aimed at improving the processes of strategic management, internal processes framed in quality management systems, and the improvement in the performance of people.

Meet Geodata Survey

Geodata Survey is a social and market research firm based out of Santo Domingo De Guzman in the Dominican Republic (DR). The company’s mission is to provide consulting services via strategic solutions that bring value to their clients through the integration and application of consulting and advisory services. Their multidisciplinary team of professionals is capable of meeting the needs and demands of businesses, local agencies, and universities alike.

The Geodata Survey team excels at improving processes of strategic management, as well as internal processes focused on quality management systems and the improvement of teams performance.

Geodata Survey serves the following customers:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community Development Organizations
  • Groups that evaluate and implement community projects
  • Universities and associated research departments

Geodata Survey projects typically fall under one of the following categories:

  • Public Opinion
    • Geodata predicts electoral preferences, measures tendencies of democratic cultures, examines preferences of populations, measures trends, and more.
  • Education
    • Geodata evaluates educational programs and products, as well as the physical infrastructure and human resources in education. They also conduct performance evaluations for teachers and students.
  • Health
    • Geodata evaluates health programs and projects.
  • Labor Force and Labor Market
    • Geodata evaluates job supply and demand, characteristics and workforce, segmentation, etc.
  • Population and Development
    • Geodata evaluates population and development policies, poverty statuses, and works to ensure that basic needs are being met. They also help with urban and rural development.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • The results of Geodata Survey’s projects are presented using themed maps for depiction.


Prior to implementing SurveyGizmo into their data collection efforts, Geodata Survey was experiencing significant problems when it came to the efficiencies of workflows, dissemination of information, and their ability to report on the data being collected.

Cornelio Nolasco is the Executive Director at Geodata Survey, and brings to his role a diverse background with experience in social research, consulting, geography, and social anthropology. As the Executive Director, Cornelio is responsible for the development of the company and the business. He currently focuses the majority of his efforts on market research, design, survey production & distribution, and leading research projects for numerous companies across the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

“A little over seven years ago we realized that our foundational survey strategy was inhibiting our business. Not only were we not able to collect data quickly, but the quality of the data itself was questionable, and therefore required several rounds of audits and checks,” explains Nolasco. “Our process for transferring information from the field to our offices was riddled with inefficiencies that were consistently costing us money. We needed a tool that would ensure that we were able to collect accurate data at a rapid pace, and then send that data to our office for thorough real-time analysis.”

The issues experienced by Geodata Survey prior to implementing SurveyGizmo were as follows:

  • The whole process had many steps, and was very manual and time consuming.
  • There was a lack of data quality, and many mistakes were made  during data collection. These errors were attributed to using paper surveys and human error, and the extra step of digitization was required. Responses from paper surveys were entered manually into a computer.
  • Manual data cleansing and organization increased the likelihood of error.
  • Lack of statistical consistency across surveys.
  • The entire process was unreasonably expensive from extra staffing to the delivery of results.


After seven years spent evaluating the primary data collection and analysis tools on the market, Nolasco and his team at Geodata Survey chose to implement SurveyGizmo for the following reasons:

  • Ease-of-use and intuitiveness
  • SurveyGizmo’s ability to easily and conveniently share questionnaires and results online, offline, or on any device
  • SurveyGizmo’s functionality across many operating systems, including Android, which is one of the most widely used OS’s in the DR.

By taking advantage on the benefits above, Geodata aimed to eliminate human error in their survey process, accelerate the time needed to deliver complete projects, and reduce costs by reallocating resources after streamlining.

Ultimately, SurveyGizmo helped the Geodata team eliminate five steps from their data collection and analysis process:

  1. Field Process Review (Auditor)
    1. With SurveyGizmo, Geodata Survey does not need to have an auditor check that the staff is delivering surveys on time and collecting responses correctly.
  2. Transportation of Paper Surveys
    1. The distance between the Geodata Survey office and the field in which the questionnaires are administered is about 200km (124 miles). The transportation of paper surveys proved to be a consistent challenge for Geodata. When the surveys were sent from the field location to the office, most of the time the surveys did not arrive complete. Other times, the completed surveys were lost, damaged, torn, stained and/or difficult to read.
  3. Checking Verbatims
    1. Prior to using SurveyGizmo, Geodata had to pay someone to read the open text questions and make sure that only quality answers were accounted for.
  4. Digitization
    1. SurveyGizmo eliminated the need to hire an external resource to manually enter responses from paper surveys into a computer.
  5. Re-Digitization
    1. With SurveyGizmo, there was no longer a need for someone to manually export the data from the computer, take a sample of the survey, and then compare with the paper sample to ensure the data was entered correctly.

By removing the above steps from their overall data collection and analysis process, Geodata Survey has streamlined their workflows, broadened their reach, increased the speed at which they conduct business, and severely slash their costs.

“Prior to using SurveyGizmo, our workflow and process was a tortuous and nerve-wracking experience. Our days were filled with panic because we had no way of knowing how the interviewer was performing in the field, where the data was coming from, or how long it was going to take to obtain quality data for analysis. Now, all of those restrictions have been mitigated.”

-Cornelio Nolasco, Executive Director at Geodata Survey

Faster, Higher Quality Market Research with SurveyGizmo (Case Study)

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