New Tutorial Series: URL Data Passing

Mario Lurig
2 min read

We get quite a few calls and emails asking how to pass tracking/pre-population data into SurveyGizmo through the survey link. So many calls, in fact, that we set out on an epic struggle to create three in-depth tutorials on the use of URL strings (a.k.a. query strings) and SurveyGizmo Links.

If you are not familiar with this survey design technique, it can be very useful!

For example, a common use is to pass a panel identifier into the survey from a panel provider, and then back out again in a redirect at the end of your survey. This lets the panel provider know which respondents finished your survey, which were bumped out due to quota, and which were disqualified so they can provide the correct reward. (This works with SSI, e-Rewards, Sample Network and other panel providers)

As a tech-savvy marketer I’m sure you’ll enjoy these techniques:

Part 1: Using URL Variables/Query Strings

Part 2: Get Data Into A Survey Through Prepoulation

Part 3: Advanced Merge Code Customizations

With any luck, you will find this collection of tutorials very useful and increase your understanding of the power hidden inside SurveyGizmo.

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