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A Recap of Outside the Checkbox Thus Far

Ben Foley
3 min read

As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to thank all of the amazing people that use SurveyGizmo. We’d especially like to express our gratitude to those that contributed to our Outside the Checkbox series by providing creative, real-world examples of how they use SurveyGizmo to simplify their lives.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of each installment of Outside the Checkbox thus far.

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Vol. 1: Creating Expense Reports

If your process for managing expense reports isn’t automated, you’ll want to read this post to learn how SurveyGizmo can easily be implemented to destress the members of your Finance team. Read the original article here.

Vol. 2: Event Registration & Payment Collection

By building a simple event registration and payment collection form, SurveyGizmo enables you to host events and receive payment with ease. Read the original article here.

Vol. 3: New Visitor Check-In Kiosks

At SurveyGizmo HQ, we use our own product to power our check-in kiosk in the main lobby of our office. Learn to intuitively set up your own check-in kiosks with SurveyGizmo. Read the original article here.

Vol. 4: Streamlining Organization-Wide Requests

When you need office supplies or a piece of marketing collateral, how do you submit that request? Who receives the request, and what does their process look like to ensure you get what you need? SurveyGizmo makes handling organization-wide requests a breeze. Read the original article here.

Vol. 5: Using Website Intercepts

While browsing the web, have you ever come across a pop-up survey that asks what you think of the online experience you’re having? These surveys are called Website Intercepts, and you can leverage the data collected from them to make changes that directly result in increased conversion rates. Read the original article here.

Vol. 6: Creating Effective Training Modules

Want to ensure that all members of your organization receive and retain standardized training? SurveyGizmo is the perfect tool to do just that. Read the original article here.

Vol. 7: Streamlining Employee Performance Reviews 

Are you still using paper surveys to conduct employee performance reviews? Does the process feel clunky and inefficient? SurveyGizmo can easily be implemented to streamline the review process. All review data will be stored in a central location, and will be easily accessible to both the employee being reviewed, and the reviewer. Read the original article here.

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