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MarketingSherpa Demand Generation Summit

Christian Vanek
2 min read

Last Monday I attended MarketingSherpa’s Demand Generation Summit in Boston. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was there wearing my SurveyGizmo hat — taking copious notes on tactics on lead and demand generation. After all, as the new kids on the block, creating demand for our services is vital! I was expecting a some presentations focusing on content tactics, podcasting, RSS, ROI, SEO, and measuring the effectiveness of our campaigns (you know, all the other goodies I’ve come to expect from MarketingSherpa). I definitely left with more inspirational ideas than I could hope to accomplish in a year (or two)!

What I wasn’t expecting was to hear the word “survey” a hundred times during those two days. It’s true, many of our customers use our software to power lead generation forms and landing pages. But I didn’t anticipate such emphasis on re-focusing research into lead-nurturing content. In hindsight it makes sense — you survey and collect data all year as marketers, so why shouldn’t you use those numbers in white papers? My number one take-away point from the conference was the hidden value of survey data. How often do you run a survey with the sole intention of collecting leads or segmenting customers into personas? That’s more than just actionable knowledge. The summary information can also be used to drive demand for your services!

My second take-away is that everyone should be preparing their end-of-year customer surveys. Don’t wait until the last minute. Stay tuned to our web site next week. We are preparing customer satisfaction survey templates to get you started!

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