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Moving at the Speed of Customer Experiences [CASE STUDY]

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The ASK LISTEN RETAIN program is a revolutionary online tool aimed at gauging customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty and enabling customer retention that works in combination with either telephone based customer satisfaction surveys and/or online surveys. The survey feedback empowers businesses in systematically gathering, analyzing, and using the information to enhance customer satisfaction and address any service related issues. What makes it more effective than other customer feedback programs is how the relevant data is generated. It is entered into a closed loop system and the information is presented live 24/7 online.

When it Comes to Customer Experience, Agility is Essential

Compechek Market Research is a research company focusing on customer experience (CX) research. With their key product, ASK LISTEN RETAIN, Compechek offers a tool to their corporate customers that provides a systematic method of working with consumer feedback on  a global scale.

President at Compechek, Peter Kmyta, works personally with high-level customers on a daily basis, and oversees operations and company workflows. In his role, Kmyta opens channels of direct communication with marketing leaders so that all of their CX market research needs are met.

“The majority of our customers have many locations, and are spread across a large geographical area,” says Kmyta. “The more locations our customers are established in, the more geographically challenged they become when evaluating customer experience. This is where ASK LISTEN RETAIN becomes an invaluable asset. Our clients’ head offices can gain access to the voice of their customers around the world, 24/7, in real-time. They can also see how customer concerns are being addressed, and if their efforts match the corporate standard for high levels of customer service.”

This idea of an “always on, real-time” solution for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and evaluating CX data has become an industry standard in today’s fast-paced economy. With so many consumers providing data from all over the world in regards to their experiences with brands providing products and services, organizations that do not implement appropriate strategies for analyzing that data and improving experiences accordingly are sure to be left behind and eventually squeezed out of their respective markets.

But how does a company begin to not only collect CX data, but take action on it? How do they ensure that their feedback approach is consistently reliable, and is able to influence business decisions that impact bottom lines?

For some, to get over the initial hurdle the answer is implementing a robust, yet flexible, data visualization tool that collects, analyzes, and displays data in an actionable way that directly impacts decision-making and key CX strategies.

Getting Up to Speed with SurveyGizmo

Prior to leveraging SurveyGizmo for their ASK LISTEN RETAIN product, Compechek found that their CX evaluation process for clients was sluggish, inefficient, and significantly limited, as it was treated as a case by case scenario.

“We used to program our own front end experience of customer survey taking, but the efforts were excessive and time consuming,” states Kmyta. “Before we started using SurveyGizmo, we used to build CX surveys for our clients one at a time. With limited programming resources, we had to take things slow in order to collect the necessary customer experience data relevant to each of our individual clients. Plus, manually hard coding each survey on our platform generated simplistic surveys with only a few question types.”

The antiquated, one survey at a time approach resulted in slow response times for new survey projects aimed at yielding insights from patterns found in the CX data sets, as well as a lack of meaningful data due to granular responses. As Compechek and ASK LISTEN RETAIN grew, so did their customer base. And as more clients needed to measure and account for their customers’ typical experiences and perspectives on products and services, it became glaringly obvious that the process of administering CX surveys had to be streamlined, automated, and moved from a case by case strategy to one in which clients around the world could access live data at any time they pleased.

As President of the company, Peter Kmtya began evaluating survey tools that could potentially power the ASK LISTEN RETAIN product’s survey administration, data analysis, and reporting for clients. After six months of looking at various solutions, Kmtya decided to choose SurveyGizmo due to the following benefits:

  • No limitations on the number of surveys that can be created and distributed
  • No limitations on the number of survey responses
  • Translated/Bilingual surveys
  • HTTP and API functions
  • Ability to export surveys and data to ASK LISTEN RETAIN
  • Mobile surveys
  • Top notch customer service and around the clock support

“SurveyGizmo is an energetic company that understands quality customer service, and is on the cutting edge of technology. I’m excited to be in business with them, and they’ve provided immeasurable value to my company and its clients!”

-Peter Kmyta, President, Compechek


Compechek chose SurveyGizmo to power ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s customer experience surveys seven years ago, and has been harnessing SurveyGizmo’s data collection and analytics tool ever since. Today, SurveyGizmo is used as the front end to the ASK LISTEN RETAIN product, and survey responses are HTTP posted into the ASK LISTEN RETAIN platform.

By implementing SurveyGizmo, ASK LISTEN RETAIN programming costs have plummeted drastically. In addition, Kmtya explains, “We’ve definitely measured improvements in productivity and time savings thanks to SurveyGizmo. The SurveyGizmo application interface is so easy to use, and most importantly it’s flexible and globally scalable as well.”

By using SurveyGizmo as their front end with white labeling, ASK LISTEN RETAIN is able to offer high-end survey functionality while remaining on brand, so that their clients are presented with a single cohesive experience.

“There are new, powerfully relevant features that we discover on a monthly basis that directly help us with our product offering,” says Kmtya. “The Customer Support team at SurveyGizmo has been nothing short of excellent at giving us advice on how to deal with difficult situations being experienced by our clients as they collect, analyze, and act on their CX data. When I look back at the past seven years, SurveyGizmo has answered all of our needs, and it was the best choice we could have made while looking to grow ASK LISTEN RETAIN.”

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Moving at the Speed of Customer Experiences [CASE STUDY]

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