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State of Branding 2017: Key Trends in Brand Research to Improve Your Strategy

Melissa French
3 min read

In December 2016, Bynder — a digital asset management software vendor — surveyed 562 global brand managers on the challenges they face, their priorities for 2017, and their approach to technology. Their report gives branding and marketing professionals insight into how brand marketing is evolving in a consumer-centric, digital age. The results of the survey were culminated into the company’s “State of Branding Report 2017” and is the focus of this interview.

[This Q&A originally appeared in a recent ebook — Adapting to the Digital Brand Landscape Using Research. If you need a copy, download yours today.]

SurveyGizmo: Why should brands big or small begin to manage their brand using key research and why is this so important?

Nicolas Deskos (ND), Copywriter at Bynder: Consumer demands and expectations are constantly changing at an alarming rate, and the only way to stay on top of these trends is by listening to your customers. Ultimately, these are the people who will decide the future of your business.

As a small brand, it’s imperative that you understand your ideal customer’s pain points to ensure that your product or service addresses a market need.

As a big brand, it’s important to guard against complacency, keep your finger on the pulse and even provide a solution for your customers before they even have a need. Not only does this foster innovation, but it also gives you an advantage over your competitors by being a game changer in your industry.

SG: What challenges have you faced in doing key research to support the Bynder brand?

ND: We have over 150,000 brand managers, marketers, and creatives using our portals each and every day. We recognized a need for a report that identified and efficiently summarized how brand marketing is evolving in this customer-centric, digital age.  

SG: What are some key strategies that brands can take away from your findings?

ND: This year’s report debunked some of the myths surrounding brand marketing in 2017. Namely:

  1. Marketers see value in new technologies, by are hesitant to invest — despite all the trend reports, the marketers we surveyed said that were unlikely to invest in cutting edge tech such as VR, AR, and AI. Takeaway: Brands willing to take the risk can be early pioneers of this tech.
  2. Better understanding consumer personas are at the top of many marketers’ to-do lists — we found that organizations are actively trying to gain more consumer insights in 2017. Takeaway: Consumer insights should be a strategic priority to avoid being left behind by competitors.
  3. The majority of brands are still not going mobile-first — despite all the reports of mobile consumption rising exponentially, only 35 percent of marketers surveyed take a mobile-first approach to marketing campaigns. Takeaway: Tailoring campaigns exclusively for mobile might result in higher engagement

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