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Dear HR: Your Employees Aren’t as Enthusiastic as You Are

Liz Millikin
3 min read

Human Resources professionals across industries are transitioning their employees away from traditional performance reviews and into a system that relies on the 360 review process.

This transition is happening quickly.

Which made us wonder: does everyone actually know what a 360 review is?

True to our nature, we created a survey to ask this and many other questions about how HR professionals and employees view the 360 review process and the major obstacles departments face implementing them.

We discovered that there is a disconnect between what HR departments think they are getting out of the 360 process, and what employees think.

Here’s what we found.


Your Employees Don’t Know What 360s Are (and That Could Be a Problem)



86% of employees report that why are either unsure or have never had a 360 review.

As 360s are still gaining popularity amongst HR departments, it is perhaps not unsurprising that 360 reviews are still not as well known as their tradition performance review counterparts.

That said, what is surprising is that 80% of surveyed HR professionals were either planning on switching to or already using 360 reviews within their organization.

This means, a majority of HR professionals are planning on implementing a system that is completely unfamiliar for their employees. Because of this unfamiliarity, to make the first round of 360s a success, HR professionals have to spend the time to educate employees to make them feel comfortable and ensure they derive the most value out of the process. After all, 360s are about providing the feedback and support to help your employees improve themselves.

In fact, one of the most common troubles that HR professionals reported was the difficulty of getting all employees on board with the process and conveying value. 360s are indepth and time consuming for reviewers and administrators. Having everyone on the same page is important.


HR Professionals and Employees That Know 360s Are Likely to Recommend Them


In our survey, the people who had experience with 360 reviews, both within HR departments and as employees, would largely recommend them to other organizations.

However, HR professionals were twice as likely to make this recommendation, which means that HR departments see more value from the 360 process than the employees themselves.

This discrepancy may be a result of HR’s deeper understanding of 360 reviews and how the process can and does benefit individuals and the company at large.

Employees, on the other hand, may not fully see the big picture, focused as they are on their day-to-day work.

Because employee buy-in is an important part of 360 success, it’s important that HR departments spend the time educating employees about the 360 process and, even more importantly, providing employees with the resources and support they need to act on their 360 input.


A Faster, Easier Way to Administer 360 Reviews


A common complaint for HR professionals is how difficult and time consuming they think it is to set up a full 360 review system within their companies. From getting executive buy-in, to training employees, to the process of administering reviews, to collecting and analyzing data. It is a multi-wheeled process.

But, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. SurveyGizmo’s 360 Review Package makes it easy to create and distribute 360 surveys, and personalized reports are backed by validated data sources.

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