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Survey Solutions for IT’s Toughest Organizational Problems

Molly Allen
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Too often, IT departments are understaffed, underfunded and under-appreciated. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, online surveys and forms can be a powerful tool for IT success, despite budget and manpower shortages. They can generate the information you need to be successful, quickly, affordably and accurately.


Types of online surveys and forms

Any IT department, no matter how small, is only as good as the information it receives. You need information on product usage, sales, consumer preferences and competitor pricing to help management and sales teams be as successful as they can be. Good information is also a must for helping to allocate money and personnel resources in an IT department. Online surveys and forms are an easy way to get this information and help your department be as successful as possible with even limited resources.

Online surveys can also help with training. They can identify areas where the staff is weak and can even help with hiring, making sure that your company brings in a person who will complement your existing staff rather than duplicate existing strengths.

You can also use online IT surveys as a baseline to measure department growth and training.

There are a number of types of online surveys and forms that can assist IT departments in getting the information they need to grow and thrive. Just a few of these are:

  • IT Ticketing Systems
  • IT Inventory Tracking
  • IT Satisfaction Surveys
  • IT Certification Surveys

Let’s take a look at each one.


From Request to Complete: IT Ticketing System

An IT ticketing system allows you to easily track whenever an IT problem is reported and how long it takes to resolve the issue. This makes it easy to identify the times of day that you need to beef up the staff, as well as issues that repeatedly take longer than the average to resolve (and might be an indication of a training need).

An IT ticketing system works by having in-house customers complete a short survey about the issues they are having, which automatically alerts the IT department. A follow-up email is sent to the originator immediately after the issue is resolved and the ticket is closed. This can all be done using SurveyGizmo and, in particular, SurveyGizmo’s built in Actions.


Keeping the Closet Organized With IT Inventory Forms

An online inventory form help you keep track of valuable department equipment and help prevent items from being lent to other departments and then forgotten or even walking off of the job.

Having this information online at your fingertips also makes it easy to identify where you need to add equipment and when such equipment needs to be replaced.

Equipment on the inventory forms can be sorted by type of equipment, purchase date and/or department, and anyone with access to the form (which you set) can update the inventory – wherever they are.


Increase Efficiency With Automated IT Satisfaction Survey

An online satisfaction survey allows in-house and external customers tell about their experiences with your department quickly and easily – and without having to face a live person or wait on hold.

Such surveys allow you to ascertain client perceptions of your services and help identify areas that need improvement or better marketing. Because comments can involve anything from service to product offerings, you’re sure to glean useful information from your audience.


IT Certification Survey

An IT certification survey is useful for your training classes. It can tell you why individuals signed up for the class, what they hoped to gain, what previous training and experience they have and the areas they felt were strong (and weak) after they completed the course.

This type of survey can help you improve your training and better target it towards the areas where most people need help.

You can even use surveys to create customized quizzes, testing your “students” on their knowledge of internet and email security, their familiarity with various programs, and whether or not they were really paying attention in your less all-office presentation.


Reap the Benefits of Online Surveys and Forms

Adopting online surveys and forms in your business can easily put a wealth of information at your fingertips. They also offer a number of advantages.

  • Cost. Online surveys are much less expensive than in-person interviews or postal surveys for gathering the information you need to manage your business. In addition, online surveys are easy to sort and use to run reports, saving you vital employee time and effort.
  • Professional look. Online consumer surveys and forms give even the smallest company the sophisticated appearance of a large corporation. This can help to inspire confidence in your external customers.
  • Ease of use. The information gathered from online surveys and forms takes the guesswork out of making decisions for your IT department and for your company. In addition, online forms and surveys are easy for your customers to use and are thus will likely increase the amount of participation, giving you more accurate results.
  • Less human error. Because there is no human middle person with online surveys, there is less chance of the information reported being entered into your system incorrectly, skewing your results.
  • Easier to modify. Yet another advantage to using an online survey or form is that such tools are easy to change if a particular question isn’t generating the type of answers you anticipated or if a question is being repeatedly skipped altogether.

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