"When you are finished changing, you're finished."  ― Benjamin Franklin

I love that quote. It encompasses our value of evolution through experimentation and iteration here at SurveyGizmo. 

Every four years or so, SurveyGizmo's technology and design is reviewed and we decide what should be re-architected for the future. This has helped us stay relevant over the last decade -- and makes sure our products remain cutting edge.

The bottom line is that we want to develop (and continuously improve) products that business professionals find valuable and useful. Back in 2006, it was easy -- we had a handful of customers all using our product the same way. I look back on those days very fondly.   

It's much harder to develop a product for the vast range of our customers and keep "everyone" happy and delighted when your user count is measured in hundreds of thousands.

So, like many maturing startups we are faced with a new design challenge:

How can we continue to develop our product/services when we have such a diverse customer base?

It took us a year to figure this out, but ultimately the answer is pretty clear. Its time to begin a separation of our product into two products. Each exceptionally well designed for a particular audience.

That change is starting today and will continue for the next few years as we develop two (arguably three) product lines from our current engine.  

SurveyGizmo | Enterprise

More and more of our customers are now partnering with us to provide research and survey capabilities to hundreds of users. In 2016, we had very few of these customers -- but now they make up the bulk of SurveyGizmo's daily users.

SurveyGizmo is a fantastic product and our enterprise customers are very happy, yet we feel like we can serve this audience even better. 

Over the next few months, the SurveyGizmo | Enterprise product will start changing into a less "survey project" focused platform -- to a business intelligence and insights platform that allows for maximum re-use of data (more on that to come).

We also plan on improving user management, customer segmentation and integrations with our research technology partners.  

We're also changing how we serve enterprise customers by investing more in our service teams. Implementation, training, custom project work and an enterprise-class support model.  

SurveyGizmo | CE

We're bringing back two things that hit many of our SMB and professional individual customers hard last year when we removed them: monthly billing and the SurveyGizmo robots!

Serving enterprise customers is rewarding in many ways (interesting projects and impact on huge decisions) -- but we started as a survey software platform for individuals and small businesses. We were created to offer advanced capabilities at a reasonable cost and to have a bit of fun while doing it.  

We missed this part of ourselves last year -- and so did many customers.  So, it's back!  

We're calling this SurveyGizmo CE for now.  

We see a bunch of areas we can improve in terms of design and areas that need to be re-architected for this audience.

At first, we're going to be focusing on getting some of the heavy UX meant for enterprise users out of the way and taking a pass at the design again. Many of our interaction choices are solid, but in the four years since we released this version some design debt has built up.

SurveyGizmo CE can now be purchased monthly, but it's also priced in a way that we can offer that. While the Explorer plan is a screaming deal, the other plans are a bit more expensive now -- but more in line with other products with our capabilities.  

If you're looking for advanced and versatile survey software for just a single person or small team -- SurveyGizmo CE is designed (and being redesigned) specifically for you.  

Just remember, SurveyGizmo is not a "casual" survey platform. Don't let the robots fool you now that they are back, we're for professional researchers, data-driven entrepreneurs, and power-users.

For those of you that missed our robots and whimsy -- go on and visit our SurveyGizmo CE site. We're back!

SurveyGizmo OEM 

This is an announcement of an upcoming product release. 

We noticed a few companies have built entire products over the SurveyGizmo platform and we absolutely love this!

So, we're releasing a SurveyGizmo OEM API and SDK system this quarter. If your product needs a survey component, this will let you "drop-in" survey software without having to build your own. 

The API will let you access our backend framework more directly then you can now. Just download the SDK and start customizing the parts that matter most: the user experience.  

Leave the statistics, rendering and data processing to us.

If you are interested, please reach out for early access to design@surveygizmo.com.

More to Come

Now that we've taken the first step in serving both sides of our community better with different platforms, we will get down to the hard stuff. Making sure our technology and product design serve each community of customers as perfectly as possible.

We'll release changes slowly, and we've created a new team at SurveyGizmo to make sure we communicate all changes, early and often. 

Please, we're always looking for feedback -- so next time you get our product survey, tell us everything you want and need. I read each response.

The design and product teams are going to try something new this year – we’re going to blog about our design process and thoughts. If you’re interested subscribe to our blog!


-Christian Vanek

CEO & Founder, SurveyGizmo