Letter from the CEO: SurveyGizmo’s New Free Account

Christian Vanek
3 min read

A letter directly from the desk of our CEO, Christian Vanek:

Hi everyone,

The changes we are making to our free survey tool may not be very popular. We thought long and hard about how to communicate these changes to you all.

Should we try to spin them like a benefit? We could, but that’s not genuine or authentic.

Instead, I’m going to be candid and honest. We’re pulling back many of the features available in the free version and imposing some of the standard limits that other free products have.

This is because SurveyGizmo isn’t an entry-level tool. While we love our customers who are just diving into the great wide world of collecting data, we are a professional feedback and research platform for businesses. Unfortunately, by offering such a robust free product, we devalue ourselves more than a little and divert resources from the advancement of our product.

There was discussion about discontinuing the plan all together, but we didn’t want to force so many of you to find another tool. The data you’ve collected is valuable, and you deserve to continue to get the benefit of research.

So, we designed a free survey tool that is more similar to other entry level products – but still more generous than the competition.

Our goal is to make a free tool that competes with other free tools, but doesn’t detract from our core business. I think we’ve succeeded.

So, on 1/17/2017, all new free accounts will be limited to:

  • Up to 3 active surveys at a time
  • Up to 5 pages of questions
  • The ability to collect up to 100 responses per survey
  • Simple question types like: check boxes, radio buttons, essay questions, dropdown menus and simple scales
  • Reporting and data will be limited to standard reports

Existing accounts will have the option when they login in February to upgrade to a full Basic License or switch to a new Free License. Existing surveys won’t be impacted until after the switch is made.

Over 90% of our current free users should be able to use this account and not notice a difference at all. We hope you will give the new free offering a try.  

Please feel free to email us at if you have questions or comments. We’ll be sure to answer as quick as we can. Thank you.


Christian Vanek
Founder & CEO, SurveyGizmo 

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