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Business continuity during the Coronavirus

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, all SurveyGizmo employees are working from home. We are fortunate that, as a software company, this change is fairly straightforward and won’t impact our ability to support our customers. Our Support Heroes and Account Managers are available to you, and they can be reached through the normal communication channels – one change is that we have extended our Support Team’s phone hours. They’re now available from 6 AM MST to 6 PM MST. Read More.

We are grateful for your business and we hope that you are safe and well.

SG University goes online

Announcing SG University – we’ve made learning SurveyGizmo easy

We’ve created an integrated digital learning system so you can maximize your SurveyGizmo investment.  SG University is integrated into the SurveyGizmo application. Just log in to the application, click on the “SG University” link, and you have access to our self-paced learning program. Learn More.

Video Feedback launches

See and hear your respondents with Voxpopme video capture

Video Feedback allows researchers to gauge people’s sentiments. Gathering these responses now is particularly important to researchers and HR professionals since focus groups and in-office interviews are not currently an option. SurveyGizmo has partnered with Voxpopme to provide the best video capabilities within our platform. Read More.

Get your free Employee Connection Pulse survey

Stay connected to your employees during this extended remote-working time

Nearly every business is challenged by the new virtual work environment. How can we stay connected when we aren’t together? To help, we created a new template in our survey library called Employee Connection Pulse. This survey measures how equipped and supported your employees feel in this virtual environment. The survey is now available and is free with your existing SurveyGizmo subscription. Read More.

Improve customer retention by activating your satisfaction ratings

Did you think that you could improve your NPS rating and retain more customers by acting on their ratings of your business? Our Activated NPS Solution integrates your NPS, CES, or CSAT responses into the systems you already use. Responses automatically trigger your marketing, sales and support actions. This allows your teams to respond immediately to resolve issues and provide answers. With the Activated NPS Solution, customers feel heard, and your satisfaction ratings – and your customer retention – improve.

Find out more by listening to this webinar on SurveyGizmo’s Activated NPS Solution.

Democratized Software: Empowering the Business: InformationWeek

Recently, InformationWeek published an article by SurveyGizmo CEO, David Roberts. He focuses on how enterprise software is changing to better serve customers and empower employees.

David highlights that many businesses are leveraging democratized software to allow more people – especially businesspeople on the front-line with their customers – to own and solve their customers’ needs. Read the article here.

Expand your survey reach with our new products

Based on your requests, we recently launched two new products.

Do you have an audience that is hard to reach by email? Now you can easily send a text that will prompt them to respond. SMS distribution is an affordable way to raise response rates for your surveys.

Do you need to connect your SurveyGizmo surveys to Microsoft Dynamics and share information between the two products? With our Microsoft Dynamics integration, department managers can integrate customer feedback into the systems they use every day. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics, we offer integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, Tableau, and other applications.

Read More Here.

Customer Case Study: Four Winds Interactive Increased Employee NPS 10X

Retaining the best employees requires meeting their needs. Four Winds Interactive (FWI) built a program that addresses this directly. They recognize that employee hiring, retention, and engagement starts with listening to and acting on employee feedback. Find out how FWI worked with SurveyGizmo to create a continual feedback loop to fuel a 10-fold increase in their Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

SurveyGizmo already helps you capture great customer feedback. Now we also help you act on that feedback to immediately improve customer satisfaction to drive higher renewals and growth. Read the Case Study.

Advancing our navigation and usability

We are constantly enhancing the SurveyGizmo platform. The latest development is the Enterprise Console, a new way to organize information that makes the most powerful and most commonly used features more visible. The first iteration of the new console is the Enterprise Experience. Read About It.

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