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The Secret of SurveyGizmo Customer Happiness

Pharlain Ross
3 min read

It’s no secret that SurveyGizmo built itself on great customer service. We consider it to be the cornerstone of our success. But why? Why is service so important and why should you trust us when we tell you we can teach you how to build customer happiness? And how can building customer happiness help your business? There are some specific answers to these questions, but to start it would be helpful to understand our history and our culture.

The First Support Hero

You probably don’t know it, but SurveyGizmo’s first support hero was our very own CEO Christian Vanek. At the time he was also the only developer on the product. If the customer reported a bug or asked for a feature, chances are Christian would be changing the code right there on the phone.

Christian went above and beyond to help everyone he talked to, and he helped them enthusiastically. Obviously this wasn’t a particularly scalable model. But the point is that at its heart, and at every level, SurveyGizmo has always been about giving customers exactly what they want.

This was how we grew. People would talk to Christian, experience exceptional service, and be raving fans for life. We still had quite a few of our customers around from those early days and we know that were it not for their evangelical word of mouth we’d never be where we are today.

It turns out that when people are treated well, they want to support you. They want to talk about what they just experienced and tell their friends to go and give a product or service a try. So, from that perspective great customer service is perhaps the most important thing you can do to grow your customer base.

Maintaining Great Service While We Grew

So how did we grow from Christian on the phones fixing things on the fly to a company of 50 people with thousands of customers? Believe it or not, the answer is the same. Service. We made it a priority to maintain our impeccable level of service for all of our customers, but we also started focusing on internal service as well.

Being in a fast paced, technology and software company can be stressful. Being in that situation and living up to our high standards of service at all times can seem impossible. But it turns out that when you treat everyone like a customer, everyone does better. Start with a foundation of service and your businesses success both internally and externally will follow.

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