SurveyGizmo’s 2017 New Product Benefits and Features

Christian Vanek
3 min read

This year, SurveyGizmo has some great new additions planned for the platform, here are the ones that are launching in January!

If you haven’t read our post on SurveyGizmo’s new license structure please be sure to do so. We’ll be referencing which of these new benefits is available at which license level below.

The New SurveyGizmo R Procedure Library

R, a statistical programming language, has been gaining popularity with researchers in the last few years as an affordable and powerful analytics engine. Previously, if you wanted to analyze your data with R, you needed to export it and then modify the export to work well in the R environment. That wasted a lot of time and wasn’t particularly reusable.

Now, SurveyGizmo has an amazing alternative!  You can upload your R scripts into SurveyGizmo and use them to process data in real time through any report. More over, you can output more than just native R outputs. You can use our library to hook your brilliant R scripts up to SurveyGizmo’s advanced data visualization tools for easier, more robust reporting.
Available for: Market Research Licenses & Full Access Licenses starting 1/17/2017

SurveyGizmo's Advanced Quota Management

SurveyGizmo has had the ability to create logic-based quotas for years, but it was lacking a few key features: fill order, quota-complete actions, notification emails and monitoring.  We have added all of those features (and some brand new specialized ones as well).
Available for: Market Research Licenses & Full Access Licenses in late January 2017

Improved Survey Monitoring

The “share” page in SurveyGizmo for distributing surveys was not as useful as it could be for monitoring your survey’s progress. So we decided to make some changes to give you more feedback on the status of your surveys and make room for some other releases coming up!
Available for: Everyone in January 2017

Report Users

Sharing reports with a link used to be messy and uncontrolled. You don’t know if the link has been shared, who’s really looking at the report, and access to making edits is all-or-nothing (even with a shared password). On January 17th 2017, SurveyGizmo is releasing a new type of user license to help encourage everyone to share survey data with greater control, security, and precision. No more accidental changes.

Call your account manager or our sales team to add reporting users to your account.
Available for: Team & Enterprise Accounts in January 2017

SurveyGizmo is Just Getting Started

We have a busy roadmap for 2017 with exciting product improvements that will continue to propel your surveys, forms, and data collection to new heights. Stay tuned to get more updates and as always, improvements are made based on customer feedback.

Thank you for your support, and together we’ll make 2017 a great year for data!

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