Update to Email Campaign Functionality in SurveyGizmo

Christian Vanek
4 min read

Our usability experts and the customer support team here at SurveyGizmo are happy to announce significant improvements to SurveyGizmo’s email campaign interface.

We have just released a series of front-end interface upgrades for email campaigns to make them easier to use (and much harder to make mistakes with!).

We hope these changes will help you and future users feel confident using our email services while reducing any confusion or problems that our old interface may have caused.

 At the start of this project, our support team collected feedback from hundreds of customers. With their guidance we designed a more streamlined, easier-to-use experience that we hope will be a vast improvement for everyone who needs to use emails with their surveys.

In particular, this upgrade addresses the following problems:

  1. Email composition fields were tiny and hard to work with. They’re now much larger and easier to navigate.
  2. The interface was cramped and confusing. It’s now spacious and intuitive.
  3. Uploading contacts required a huge amount of work and patience. You can now add emails with just a few clicks, and much less waiting.
  4. Previously you could inadvertently duplicate contacts during uploads. Now our system will alert you of any emails that are repeats.
  5. Two features (Survey Save and Continue and Email Edit links) used to conflict and cause bad experiences for respondents.
  6. The old system made it difficult to preview your email and test your messages before sending. Now you can see how your emails will look and test to your heart’s content.
  7. The interface was not step-by-step, which caused scenarios that could stall or delay email sends. Our new wizard-like interface ensures that emails will send when scheduled.
  8. It used to be difficult to see a detailed history of all reminders and invitations, but you can now see a historical overview of all the emails that you’ve sent.

We recommend existing customers take a few moments to get familiar with the changes. We hope you’ll agree the interface is cleaner and easier to use!

We’ll be uploading new videos and incorporating inline help with the new campaign interface shortly! 

Upcoming Changes to Email in SurveyGizmo

We’re making these changes to make it easier for our customers to send emails with SurveyGizmo, and in the next few days we’ll be upgrading the background technology so that it’s easier for our system to send email too.

This upgrade will improve deliverability and stop the occasional stalled campaign that a small percentage of our customers experience.

These twin projects have come about because over the last 8 years the volume of emails sent out by SurveyGizmo users has skyrocketed. While exciting, the sheer number of emails going out is requiring us to dedicate time, staff and architecture to ensure email deliverability.

We want to continue to improve our email systems so that you can email surveys with confidence, and in order to do that we will begin enforcing limits on email campaigns starting in June. We’ll be charging users who send a high volume of emails extremely competitive (actually, really cheap) fees.

Email limits will be based on your plan level as follows:

Basic: 5,000 contacts per survey
Professional: 10,000 contacts per survey
Premier: 20,000 contacts per survey
Enterprise: 50,000 contacts per survey
Dedicated: 250,000 contacts per survey

If you reach your limits for a particular survey, you can purchase credits to send more. These will cost $100 per 20,000 contacts.

For our existing customers who frequently send bulk emails, you will get a discount and a block of starter credits.

As always, we are working our hardest to make SurveyGizmo fast, easy, and affordable so you can survey (and email!) with confidence.

For more details, check out our documentation about sharing your survey via email.

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