New & Improved Survey Logic

Brittany Heidtke
2 min read

This month, we’ve done some major updating to our logic builder and we wanted to let you in on all the great changes!

We’ve not only made it easier to work with logic by putting it all in one place (no more flipping from one place to another for show/hide and then show/when logic!), but we’ve also added the ability to base logic off of individual rows within a table and clear data but save the data you cleared within a text field. Without further ado, let’s dig a little deeper into each one of the improvements we’ve made to the survey logic.

Logic All in One Place

Have you ever had a hard time trying to remember where exactly the show/when or show/hide logic was within SurveyGizmo, I know I’ve had to think twice a couple times before! Now, it’s super simple to set up logic because it’s all in the same place – under the logic tab within your question.


Just select your logic rule and you’ll be all set to go!

Base Logic Off Of Individual Table Rows

You now have the ability to base logic on the same page off of individual table of radio buttons and table of checkboxes rows. So that means you could have a large table of checkboxes asking a customer a variety of things in a condensed question, but then show a different question based upon how they answer one row of questions. How cool is that?

Save Data Within A Textbox After It Is Hidden

Now let’s suppose you are doing some research and want to get someone’s first impression of a question, but then you want to hide the question with its data after it is initially shown (that way you can get a true first impression!). You can now do just that within the Logic tab of your textbox questions.


Those are some of the latest and greatest updates to our logic builder! We would love to hear all about how you’re using the new updates and any updates you’d like to see in the near future!

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