A Bazillion Uses for SurveyGizmo

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We’re always happily surprised by all the new and creative uses our customers find for SurveyGizmo. We wanted to share some of these with you!

If you’ve found unique uses for SurveyGizmo we’d love to hear from you!

Consumer Surveys

Consumer surveys provide valuable feedback on who your consumers are and what they think of your product(s). Make informed decisions when planning your marketing strategy or product design based on real data.

Education Surveys

Achieve better results by understanding how you can improve your class or training session. Whether it be a traditional classroom, seminar, webinar, or training program, find out the strengths and weakness of the class design, instructor and training material.

Employee Surveys

Conducting annual, bi-annual, and even monthly human resource surveys can not only improve a work environment but can also increase productivity as well as job retention rates. SurveyGizmo is also great for collecting job applicant information.

Event Surveys

Plan a stellar event by asking your attendees what they expect to get out of your event and get their opinion on logistical details. Register attendees using our pay form. Measure the success of your event with a post event survey to find out where you excelled and where you need to make improvements.

Health Assessments

Conduct health assessments to identify areas of risk and provide recommendations to achieve better health and a healthier lifestyle. You can also use SurveyGizmo to identify ways to improve patient experience. Our survey software is built with privacy and data security in mind. You can use SurveyGizmo to create HIPAA compliant surveys.

Internal Communications

There is no better way to engage your employees than asking them for their opinion. Use a survey to set meeting agendas, stock your soda and candy machines with their favorite selections, and plan your company event.

IT Surveys

Assess satisfaction of IT services, gather feedback on IT products used, and measure trends and attitudes toward new technology. IT surveys can identify strengths and weaknesses of IT staff, success of IT processes, and measure IT customer service satisfaction. You can also use SurveyGizmo as a IT ticketing system!


Find out if your audience agrees or disagrees on a hot issue, award your MVP, vote for your favorite nominee, or learn which blog topic is most the most popular using our poll. These one question surveys are easy to set up and embed on your website.


A SurveyGizmo survey can be turned into a quiz at any point by adding the quiz score action. Quiz surveys are automatically graded within the system and respondents immediately see their quiz score or if they passed or failed. Many educators use our survey software to conduct online quizzes, tests and certifications. We make quiz surveys a snap to create and you will be glad to have all you quizzes and results in one place.

Research Surveys

Researchers worldwide use our survey software to send online surveys to a wide range of participants, allowing them to increase sample sizes, improve reporting, and collect better data. Our survey software has advanced logic such as as branching, piping and scripting control. We’ve also integrated with Cint, iModerate, and several other market research resources to further extend our users’ capabilities.

Satisfaction Surveys

Conduct satisfaction surveys to understand how your customers feel about your product, brand, or company. Understanding your customer’s wants and needs will help you retain your current customers and grow your business.

Web Forms

Give your website visitors the opportunity to contact you or signup for your events and newsletters! Our survey software allows you to easily create any web form including: Contact Forms, Event Registration Forms, Job Application Form, Lead Generation Forms, Newsletter Subscription Forms. Embed a contact form into your site today!

Website Intercept

Survey your web visitors to collect feedback on your website. You control when and how often to survey them. Trigger certain questions and surveys based on browser type, Google Analytics Event, page views, etc.

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