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Use Your Lead Generation Forms to Gain Customer Insights

Sandy McKee
6 min read

If you are like most marketers, you are likely feeling the pressure to gain more insights into your leads with less time and money.

As a marketer you need to:

  • Capture new leads
  • Segment your leads based on interest and needs
  • Nurture your leads
  • Qualify your leads
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and sales conversion rate

A marketing automation tool will certainly help you achieve this in an efficient manner, but what if an automated system is not in your budget this year? There are other affordable tools you can use that will allow you to capture, track, and nurture your leads.

My last article discussed how to use your lead generation form to capture browser data to gain insight into which services or features your prospect is interested in.

In this article we will further explore how you can use your lead generation form to gain customer insight so you can better nurture your leads and move them through the buying process.

Use your Lead Generation Form to Collect Customer Insight

Using a series of cookies, you can capture how many pages and which pages your prospective leads are consuming. You can also capture the referring site so you have some history on the site they explored prior to coming to your site. By adding a little extra Javascript, you can then calculate a lead score based on this data.

With hidden input values added to your lead generation form, this data is automatically passed with the contact information when your lead form is submitted. Now you have some insight on your prospects behavior and purchasing intent.

For instance, your visitor might have visited 3 pages pertaining to feature X. You now know which feature they are interested in and that they are actually doing some research rather than finding your site and bouncing right out after hitting the home page. This would make them a more qualified lead.

Perhaps they explored one of your competitors’ sites before coming to your site. This could indicate that they are intent on finding a solution to their problem and may be further along in the buying cycle.

But what are you going to do with this data?

Segment Leads Based on Interest and Needs

If you have a CRM tool you can automatically pass this data to your database by adding an action at the end of your lead generation form. If you are using an advanced survey or form tool to capture your leads, you can easily push this data to your CRM using a plugin or Webhook (formerly known as HTTP Connect) function. You can also automatically push this data to your email service provider such as ExactTarget or MailChimp.

If you don’t have these tools, you can still track and manage your leads by pushing the data to a Google spreadsheet. This will allow you to easily share the information with your Marketing and/or Sales Team. You can also export your data to an Excel or CSV spreadsheet so that you can sort and segment your leads based on interest and lead score.

Now you can track and manage your leads so they can be nurtured by interest and need.

Nurture Leads To Move Them Through the Buying Process

Your prospects’ needs are different depending on where they are in the buying cycle. Knowing which phase your prospect is in, will allow you to provide the most relevant content.

Of course, this means you need to have content developed for each phase of your buying cycle. At a minimum, make sure you have content for these three basic stages:

  1. Awareness: These leads recognize they have a problem and are interested in finding a solution.
  2. Evaluation: These leads are aware that your product or service could fulfill their need, and they need to determine your solution is the right one.
  3. Purchase: These leads are ready to make a purchase.
  4. If your prospect is just beginning their search, they are likely in the discovery or awareness phase. This wouldn’t be the time inform them of your different pricing plans. You need to address their issue and offer a solution. An article, case study, or whitepaper that discusses the issue would be the appropriate content piece. If however, your prospect is in the evaluation phase, a webinar or a demonstration would be appropriate.

    You can collect further information about your lead when they request downloadable content (whitepapers, case studies, benchmark studies) or signup for an event (webinar, training, or demo). This will allow you to collect demographic and firmographic information to further qualify of the lead.

    Score Your Leads Based on Level of Interest and Quality

    As you collect more information about your lead you need a way to consolidate this information so you can qualify the lead. This is where a CRM or marketing automation tool is handy. If you don’t have a CRM or marketing automation tool, you will need to manually update this in your spreadsheet.

    As you move your prospect through the buying stages, your lead score should increase.

    Lead scoring should take into consideration:

    • Target audience
      Does prospect work for an organization that is your ideal target group? Does this individual have the authority to make a decision in the purchase of your product or service?
    • Purchasing Intent
      How strongly is this prospect feeling the pain? Is the pain relevant enough that they are ready to address it?
    • Timing
      How soon is the prospect willing to evaluate your solution? Do they have the funds at this time?

    These factors will allow you to confidently qualify your leads. Based on a lead score that you and your Sales team have jointly defined, you know when a lead can be passed to Sales.

    Measure the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns and Sales Conversion Rate

    In passing only qualified leads to Sales, the confidence of your sales team increases. They will follow up more quickly on a lead knowing that it is prequalified. Following up on qualified leads in a timely fashion improves your sales conversion rate!

    Now it is time to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and review which campaigns are working and which ones need to be improved upon. As a marketer you know your job is never done!

    Are you maximizing the use of your lead generation form? Tell us how or let us know how we can help you!

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