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We Want to Showcase Your Unique Use Cases!

Ben Foley
2 min read

Calling all users of SurveyGizmo! Y’all are working on some amazingly creative projects with our solution, and we want to know all about them!

If you’ve ever used our data insights platform before, then you know that due to its vast feature set and robust flexibility, SurveyGizmo’s capabilities are nearly limitless and extend beyond simply building and distributing surveys. Over the years, our product has grown and evolved to fit the complex needs of our customers and the ever-changing markets that we serve. Truthfully, we never could have predicted some of the ideas you’ve come up with!

Along with using SurveyGizmo for initiatives that directly impact business goals, some of our users have adapted SurveyGizmo to serve fun and unique purposes around the office – sometimes to automate processes, and sometimes just for the giggles.

A great example of extending the flexibility of SurveyGizmo lives in our very own headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, where we use SurveyGizmo as our visitor management system.

Upon visiting our main office, you are greeted by an automated tablet that asks you to “sign in.” The tablet prompts you for some basic information, such as your name, and who you’re visiting that day. Once you select an employee’s name, that employee receives an email notifying them that a visitor is waiting for them in lobby.

BOOM! Visitor management has been automated and made simple thanks to SurveyGizmo.

How do you use SurveyGizmo? We’d love to hear about the unique, potentially unexpected ways in which the solution  is being leveraged to either make life easier, more efficient, or simply more fun.

Sound off in the comments, or shoot us a tweet!

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