Adapting to the Digital Brand Landscape Using Research

Adapting to the Digital Brand Landscape Using Research Ebook Cover

What’s inside

Knowing the equity of your brand begins by understanding the market through brand research. Your company’s brand is the most valuable asset it has. By leveraging the findings from this kind of research, allows companies to learn how their customers really feel about the brand and how they interact with it. 

In this guide we discuss

  • The importance of gathering insights on your brand is perceiving, marketed, and responded to by your audience
  • How market research studies are used to conduct branding benchmarking reports
  • How brand managers conduct market research to determine brand equity


Brand managers have a tough job. Cutting through the “noise” to successfully position a brand. Finding golden opportunities to create a sustainable differentiation. Plowing through volumes of competitive mayhem — and we expect them to also digest and apply market research data with flair? Yeah… right. 

So, for brand managers seeking to get better use of market research data, I have a tip for you: work with your team. If you work in a company with $10M+ in annual sales/revenue, you probably have a Market Research Department (often also called “Customer Insights” or “Shopper Insights).” These folks can help you quickly and objectively identify your best options for any business data needs — they are your data Sherpas. 

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