What is Compliance and Why Do I Need it in My Business?

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What’s inside

More and more we are seeing businesses big and small risk reputation, growth, and profitability because their corporate compliance program is being placed on the back burner.  

Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of what a compliance program is and why you need one, or you’re looking to revamp your existing program, this resource will help you understand programmatic fundamentals.

In this guide we discuss

  • What an effective compliance program is
  • The role of ethics in leadership
  • Why and how to conduct culture assessments 


Historically, compliance has been viewed as the naysayer and carries as much popularity as standardized tests. It’s not a function that people typically get excited about or race to be involved in, if not made mandatory. And typically, a “get it done and off my plate” mentality sets a negative tone from the get-go. 

Yet, recent scandals show that compliance plays one of the most integral roles in long-term corporate success.

The compliance and ethics functions (yes, they should be treated separately) should no longer be viewed with heavy stigmas or biases, rather, they should be viewed as a business enabler that safeguards the company away from risk and facilitates long-term success while ensuring the integrity and ethical behavior.

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