Data Visualization Best Practice Guide

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What’s inside

Businesses create large volumes of data but often struggle to integrate that data into their strategic decision-making processes. By using data visualization methods, businesses can tangibly act on data and not only back-up gut feelings, but validate a shift in direction, budget allocations, and much more.

In this guide we discuss

  • The power of story
  • Decision-modeling
  • Data storytelling frameworks
  • Data dashboard architecture
  • Tips to improve data visuals


Years ago, before the technology industry talked about Business Intelligence, or Data Visualization, or Advanced Analytics, we had a simple name for our work: Decision Support. It’s a good term and still very relevant, as it describes the job function of the software very clearly. Good reports, good dashboards, and useful visualizations to support you in making good decisions.

Yet even today, many dashboards and analytics projects fail to make a business impact because they overlook this simple requirement. So, let’s consider how you can focus dashboard design on decision support, leading to a more data-driven organization.

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