The Pioneer Days of the Relationship Between Healthcare and Data

Big Data In Healthcare and How to Use It - Ebook Cover

What’s inside

Nearly 30 percent of the entire world’s stored data is generated by the healthcare industry opening up opportunities for big data to play a critical strategic role in improving care, cost, and overall efficiency for the industry as a while. 

Yet, the complexity of how to use big data is a daunting challenge. By exploring possibilities of what big data can do, you can begin to work backward from a tactical perspective in order to build a data-driven business model into the current healthcare landscape. 

In this guide we discuss

  • Top challenges of using data as a healthcare business intelligence tool
  • The current state of data use in healthcare
  • How to bring data to life with visual dashboard 


The work and communication between payors, providers, and patients demand creative and unprecedented collaboration. To be effective in this modern healthcare landscape, all stakeholders should be proactive in overcoming the hurdles that are inherent to any shift of this magnitude.

This resource’s objective is to highlight the very real challenges and subsequent frustrations felt in the healthcare industry with the transformation of data as a business intelligence tool. While there currently is a lack of universal overhaul around the use of data in the industry, there are inroads that can be made by utilizing lessons learned from other industries that have faced this very same change. 

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