Survey Design Best Practices

SurveyGizmo Guide to Great Survey Design

What’s inside

Let’s face it, running a survey can be hard. From finding the right audience to building each question optimized for that audience, the survey design process can seem like a roadblock between you and your research.

While surveys can be conducted for nearly endless reasons, every survey needs a basic framework in order to gather the data you’re looking for. 

That basic framework for optimal survey performance boils downs to thoughtful and intentional survey design. From establishing survey objectives to presenting final results, the SurveyGizmo Guide to Great Survey Design walks you through the entire survey process. 

In this guide we discuss

  • Identifying Need: why do you want to run a survey?
  • Design: creating a survey that does what you want 
  • Build: turning goals into real survey questions 
  • Collect: get answers to your carefully crafted questions 
  • Report: turn your resources into insightful data 
  • Act: take your survey lessons and get going


Surveys take time and money. If the cost to conduct it is more than what you will gain from it than your survey isn’t worth running.  If you can’t determine the ROI, then there’s no incentive to take action on what you learn from administering your survey.  Be sure your results are tied to specific actions. Without this connection, you may find yourself unable to act on the data you collect. This makes your survey just an expense, with no return on the time and money you invested in it. 

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