How to Leverage Customer Feedback for Long-Term Product Sustainability

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Long-term product sustainability depends on how well customer feedback is leveraged and strategically used. Research shows that only 15 percent of products that go to market are statistically probable to be around after two years.

With new products hitting the marketing every day and the magnetism of customer-centric business models only up the competition. Standing out is harder by the day. 

Learn actionable ways in which customer feedback and intelligence can be integrated into your existing product management process for long-term success. 

In this guide we discuss

  • The value a customer-centric model has on the bottom line
  • Lessons learned from product management experts
  • Actionable ways to improve your product management process


One product professional we spoke with, who works as a product manager for a multinational corporation overseeing product development in the refining, chemical, and life sciences industries, told us he strives to get in the mindset of the challenges customers face in their current day-to-day job. To do this requires some interviewing tactics that gradually structure the conversation around current challenges. 

The company found that going into a customer interview and simply asking what their main challenges may yield flat answers. To get to the root cause of their challenges, this company began asking the customer about their career path before digging into their everyday. This helped warm the customer up and get their train of thought on the right track. 

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