How to Build a Voice of the Customer Program

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What’s inside

“Voice of the Customer” (VoC) is one of those terms that vendors and professionals in the field love to toss around, but what is it and how do you build a VoC program?  

Our goal with this guide is to remove the hype from VoC and walk through the essential building blocks of a successful program. 

In this guide we discuss

  • A brief overview of what it all is
  • The necessary components of voice of the customer
  • How to implement a voice of the customer program


Voice of the customer programs requires a sound structure and consistent follow-through to be effective, according to experts at Forrester. When done well, they drive customer experience improvements. Building your program is going to require a little bit of detective work as a lot of what you’re seeking from your customers is going far beyond the words they share with you, by how they feel about your products and brand.

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