Tricks of the Trade: Learn How to Supercharge Your Brand With Research

Recorded live: August 17, 2017

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Tricks of the Trade: Learn How to Supercharge Your Brand With Research

Running a successful business in today’s marketplace, no matter the industry is hyper-competitive, to say the least. Between gaining advantages over the competition and keeping pace with what feels like daily changing customer needs and expectations — who has time to collect, analyze, and act on research findings or data sets? 

In order to get ahead of the game, a brand should be constantly fed the most up-to-date research to draw useful insights from.

Listen to this webinar to learn

  • The impact that consistently conducting market research has on a company’s brand and its customers.
  • How to use a vast amount of customer data to continue to hone connection, product and service relevance, and drive tangible change from deep data sets.
  • How to bake in learnings and insights from customer data into a world-class marketing strategy that aligns with present-day market research best practices.
Jamil Simmons - SurveyGizmo webinar panelist

Jamil A. Simmons

Regional Survey Manager

U.S. Census Bureau

Mark Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

AIA Corporation

Moderated By
Melissa French Content Marketer at SurveyGizmo

Melissa French

Content Marketer


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