Using Data Throughout Healthcare: From the Boardroom to the Examination Room

Recorded Live: November 21, 2017

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Using Data Throughout Healthcare: From the Boardroom to the Examination Room

Access this on-demand session to learn how the industry is adapting to the use of data from an administrative and business side to clinical care and modifying early warning systems. 

Listen to this webinar to learn

  • How data science is a growing hospital dependency and why there is such an adoption lag of health systems hiring more data-centered roles
  • How to create a culture of innovation in healthcare
  • Why incorporating data into the healthcare business model is changing the way patients receive care, doctors adjust treatment, and how the business operates in the market
  • “Customer” isn’t a dirty word! And healthcare isn’t as different when it comes to consumer-centricity as some would have you believe
  • The right systems and data are needed to make these shifts possible, but becoming consumer-centric is more about culture change than technology
SurveyGizmo Webinar Panelist Craig Kartchner


AVP of Marketing – Growth and Engagement


SurveyGizmo Healthcare Webinar Panelist Angelique Russell

Angelique Russell

Healthcare Data Scientist

Formerly of City of Hope

Moderated By
Melissa French Content Marketer at SurveyGizmo

Melissa French

Content Marketer


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