Automate and Standardize Risk Assessments

The SurveyGizmo Risk Assessment Solution provides information security teams with flexible and automated processes for conducting risk assessments. This gives IS teams more time for managing and mitigating risks rather than manually identifying and validating risks. The solution includes a complete suite of pre-configured surveys, workflows, and risk reports, so information security can focus on acting on their data, rather than collecting it.

The Risk Assessment Solution works with the systems you already use, to operationalize risk feedback across your entire organization. We do this by eliminating manual processes with workflows, configuring questions by vendor type or by risk owner, and simplifying the means of assigning raw and residual risk ratings. All of which builds a stronger information security program because manually collecting risks is no longer a problem.

To learn more about the out-of-the-box Risk Assessment Solution download the solution sheet, call 1-800-609-6480 or email your account manager or sales today.

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See How It Works

Watch the Webinar and Demo to see for yourself 

Managing vendor security assessments are time-consuming and cumbersome. And information security professionals can easily miss the important input feedback. See how our new Risk Assessment Solution automates this manual process so assessments can be distributed, reviewed, and managed in hours instead of days.
We interview Desiree Robinson, Director of Information Security and Compliance for SurveyGizmo about how the Risk Assessment Solution helps her.

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Key Features

• Pre-configured vendor risk questions customized by vendor type
(not a one-size-fits-all Vendor Risk Assessment)
• Auditable trail of both raw risk and residual risk ratings per vendor
• A bottom-up view of enterprise risks by department and area
• An Enterprise Risk Assessment that supports two tiers of respondents
• Pre-configured enterprise risk questions that can be assigned to specific risk owners
• Safeguarded GDPR and CCPA compliant data through SurveyGizmo

Automate Manual Processes

Save your time for managing and mitigating risk
We designed the Risk Assessment Solution to give Information Security teams the flexible and automated processes for conducting risk assessments they’ve always needed. The IS team configures assessments and ratings per vendor or organizational risk owner, and then automatically distributes the tailored risk-assessments. The assessment can be completed by one or more people, and when complete, automatically generates notifications and risk-rating reports. These assessments are consolidated and integrated for reporting within the SurveyGizmo Platform.

Download the solution sheet to learn more.

Integrate with Existing Systems 

SurveyGizmo connects and integrates easily with your systems 
Because SurveyGizmo features an open architecture and low-code approach, we can offer additional, ready-to-go integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Service Cloud, Tableau, Power BI, HubSpot, MailChimp, Slack, JIRA, and many more.  

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