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Thank you for your interest in this research program! This application takes ~5 minutes to complete.

Project Overview
A market research company is looking for people who sort/manage the mail for businesses nationwide in the US to help them understand what kinds of direct mail marketing is received by small businesses.

IMPORTANT: This is a project ABOUT direct mail. You will not receive any direct mail, solicitations, or spam as a result of participating in this project. You must be willing to participate for at least six months.


Qualified participants will be sent a prepaid return mailing envelope each month to keep by the trashcan. When sorting the business' mail, simply put any direct mail solicitations in the return envelope rather than trashing it. Each month, just drop the prepaid envelope in the mail and you are done. It’s that easy. You can cancel your participation in this ongoing project at any time.


This is an ongoing, monthly project beginning in March 2013. Your participation should continue at least 6 months and may continue indefinitely. You may cancel your participation at any time.

For the first year, you can earn up to $200! As long as they send the envelope each month, participants will receive: (bonuses are one time and not repeating)

  • $10/month ($120/year, ongoing)
  • $30 bonus on month #3 (May 2013)
  • $50 bonus on month #6 (August 2013)

Terms & Privacy Policy

The following application includes questions to determine your eligibility for this research project. Completing the application does not guarantee selection. Fraudulent answers on this application are grounds for immediate termination from the study, without compensation. Information collected will never be sold or used for marketing purposes. You can read our privacy policy in detail here. (popup)

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